Breathtaking Aerial Footage of the Tulip Fields in Holland

On April and May of every year, the Netherlands are painted in a breathtaking way thanks to the tulip boom in the country, and this beautiful aerial video captured the wonderful phenomenon that you have to see. Amazing!

The Netherlands are in full bloom these days thanks to the country's most beautiful export – the tulips. During April and May of each year, the country is colored with spectacular tulip fields that are harvested for festivals and also to be shipped worldwide and make other countries beautiful as well. A walk through the fields is an experience like no other, and some tulip fans film the wonderful sight from above, using camera drones. If you haven't seen the tulip fields with your own eyes, here is a great video to introduce you to the unique phenomenon. If you're among the lucky people that visited the Netherlands and their colorful fields, enjoy this reminder straight from The Garden of Europe.

Source: Ruedi Abbühl