Time's Up: Donald Glover Narrates Sexual Harassment PSA

After the scope of sexual harassment in Hollywood was discovered, artists all joined together to start the Time's Up campaign, and this around, Donald Glover donated his voice to an important sexual harassment PSA that is a must see.

With his hit 'This is America' single going viral overnight, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, is no stranger to speaking about social issues that raise awareness to major problems in the United States. This time around he donated his voice to a PSA video about sexual harassment and what are the boundaries that we should all keep. The Video, that was directed by actress Rashida Jones, is another important landmark on the road to ending sexual harassment in America and the world.


The PSA comes in a very turbulent time after 300 women from Hollywood started the Time's Up campaign and exposed the sexual misconduct in the city of lights that was swept under the rug for years. Hopefully, the PSA will reach its target audiences all across the country and teach everyone to be respectful of the people they meet, no matter what.

Source: YouTube/IndieWire