Does Charcoal Toothpaste Really Whiten Teeth? We Find Out with Active Wow!

Active Wow Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder Reviewed!

When it comes to beauty, charcoal is usually a word that refers to a shade of eyeshadow that helps you achieve the perfect smokey eye, but not anymore! Charcoal has become the latest way to keep your teeth naturally white and combat stains from coffee, wine, cigarettes, prescription medicine and more.

The charcoal is derived from coconut shells and is effective in abrasive properties that remove stains, plaque and other damaging qualities. Unlike harsh chemical teeth whiteners that use dental-grade whitening peroxides, Active Wow uses purifiers and detoxifiers do keep teeth free from stains without being harsh on gums.

In terms of ingredients, this powder has three major components, organic coconut activated charcoal powder, bentonite and orange seed oil. The charcoal powder pulls the foods stains from your teeth via a natural cleansing process known as 'adsorption'. Bentonite has a high mineral content so it is used to naturally absorb toxins whereas the orange seed oil helps to smooth the process thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities. Other ingredients include xylitol and sodium bicarbonate too.

Using the product is simple. Although our testers claimed that upon opening the package, they needed to be careful not to spill the product, the process was straightforward. All you need to do is dampen your toothbrush and remove any excess water. Then dip your toothbrush into the powder and shake off the excess powder. Then brush your teeth for between 1-2 minutes as usual and rinse your mouth to remove the charcoal. Most of our reviewers claimed that it is important to try and spit directly into the sink to avoid making the bathroom area dirty. Testers also recommended ensuring that you set time aside for cleaning after using the product as you may want to wipe over your bathroom surfaces. For optimum results, it is best to use Active Wow Charcoal Whitening powder once every 2-3 days.



In terms of results, the speed in which teeth appeared whiter differed depending on the tester. Some of our testers saw results after just one or two treatments however each of our reviewers started off with various shades of discoloring so it took longer for others to see results. One thing is for sure, all of our reviewers felt their teeth appeared healthier and loved that they were still able to use the whitener from time to time after they achieved their desired level of whiteness.

Finally, we love that with this product that a little goes a long way. This means that compared to other non-charcoal teeth whitening systems enhanced with other chemicals and non-natural ingredients, Active Wow Charcoal Whitener is great value for money. Priced at under $20 for 2oz of product, it really is a product worth investing in.

Bottom Line:

There are many reasons why you may want whiter teeth. Whether it is to undo damage from over indulging in smoking, alcohol and more in your youth, to look your best for a special event or feel better about your dental hygiene then Active Wow Charcoal Whitening Powder is for you. Our testers found that this product is guaranteed to bring about optimum results in terms of appearance as well as cleaner teeth and fresher breath. It is inexpensive, natural and will not increase teeth sensitivity or damage your gums. Now, all that is left to do is smile!

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