Dish Brings Netflix To Hotel Rooms With 'Evolve' TV System!

By Karen Rice — Published June 19, 2018

Dish Brings Netflix To Hotel Rooms With 'Evolve' TV System!

We fail to think of anything better than having access to your favorite TV shows, favorites lists or suggested films whilst on vacation, visiting family or to wind down each night on a work trip and finally Netflix and Dish have combined forced to make our dreams a reality.

Last year we were introduced to 'Evolve' by Dish, a system for hotels that allows guests to benefit from Android TV and in-room streaming through the Play Store. This involved both streaming and watching live TV as well as having the option to access both YouTube and Sling TV. Netflix on the other hand, is what was missing for hotel guest and thankfully, Dish is on the way to fixing that.

In the next few months, Dish will be integrating Netflix into their 4K-friendly Evolve system. This means that Netflix members will have the opportunity to steam both movies and their favorite TV shows directly to their hotel rooms. Of course, you will still need to be a Netflix member to enjoy such privileges and will need to log in via the main Evolve menu. What's more, after your stay, your personal information will be wiped, ensuring that your account remains secure. Additionally, those that do not yet have a Netflix account will be able to sign up easily via the Netflix app on Evolve.

Dish will be the first major US pay-TV provider to incorporate Netflix into their hotel package however they will not be the first business in the hotel industry to work with Netflix as Mariott entered a deal with to connect with Netflix around 3 years ago.

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