Counter Offer Email Template – Sample

By Eddie V. — Published February 13, 2018

Counter Offer Email Template – Sample

The salary negotiation stage of a new job is a tricky one. Sometimes, despite all our discussions, we may be offered an amount that is much lesser than what we’ve hoped for. This is when we need to make a counteroffer.

Writing a counteroffer email can be challenging. If you don’t know how to write an email counter offer, but wish to learn, then read our guide to drafting the best counter emails. We have listed below a few counter email templates, with tips on drafting them.

Tips to write the perfect counter offer email

• Request for more time to accept the offer, if you plan to make a counteroffer
• Do a thorough research about the market value of your knowledge, skills, and experience before emailing the recruiter
• Take the entire compensation and benefits package into consideration and not just the salary (the other perks may make up for the low salary)
• Don’t be greedy and overestimate your worth
• Be extremely professional and courteous in your email – never use informal language, threats, and offensive statements in the counteroffer email
• Don’t lie about offers from other companies, as your recruiter will lose trust in you
• Never include your personal financial problems in the email – always discuss keeping the professional market rate as the point of contention
• Be assertive in your language and not aggressive
• Learn to accept no, if the counteroffer doesn’t come through

Now, let’s take a look at some email counter templates.

Counter email samples

Template 1: Negotiating a higher salary based on your qualifications and experience

Dear Recruiter,

Thank you for the offer of the position of Sales Manager at ABC Ltd. I look forward to working with you and the team.

But, before I accept the offer, I would like to discuss the compensation offered to me. As per our discussion during the interview, I have an MBA degree from an Ivy League institution and I possess work experience greater than asked for in the job description. Based on my research, this role, with my experience and education, would fall in the range of $120,000-$130,000 p.a.

Sir, I believe my work experience and educational qualification would add immense value to the role. I hope we can reach a mutually-acceptable compensation.

Thank you,

Template 2: Negotiating a higher salary by referencing other job offers

Dear Recruiter,

I would like to thank you for offering me the role of Assistant Shopper at XYZ Ltd. I look forward to bringing on board my expertise and skills.

Before I can accept this role, I would like to inform you that I have received another offer for a similar role at MNO Ltd. While XYZ Ltd is my first choice, I would like to mention that I have been offered a salary $5000 higher than what is offered here, with more vacation days and other additional benefits from MNO Ltd.

I’m extremely interested in XYZ Ltd and would be glad to accept the offer if you could match the offer made by MNO Ltd. I understand that similar terms may not be possible and I am open to negotiation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Template 3: Negotiating a higher signing bonus

Dear Recruiter,

Thank you for the offer of the position of Production Manager at RST Ltd. I look forward to working with you and contributing to the organization.

Madam, before I accept the offer, I would like to address the matter of my signing bonus. I am extremely happy with the salary offered and believe it be in line with my skills and experience. However, considering that I am leaving my current organization before the payment of the year-end bonus, I believe a higher signing package would be extremely helpful and would make-up for the loss of the bonus.

Currently, I am placed at a $12,000 year-end bonus. I request you to increase my signing bonus from $8,000 to $10,000 to help bridge the gap in compensation.

I am extremely enthused about associating with RST Ltd and I believe my skills and expertise would add great value to the organization. I hope we can come to a mutually-acceptable solution regarding the signing bonus.

Thank you,

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