Apple Pay Now Accepted at All Costco Warehouses Throughout the States

By Lilly Brand — Published August 21, 2018

Apple Pay Now Accepted at All Costco Warehouses Throughout the States

Customers now have the option to use Apple Pay at in-store checkouts in 750 Costco warehouses in the United States. Costco gas stations are yet to go live.

The chances are that if you're a Costco shopper then you are a die-hard fan. Well, if this is the case, then you now have a reason to be even more excited. Costco trialed Apply Pay at its Issaquah warehouse as well as a few other locations however now customers are able to enjoy its convenience throughout all of its stores.  

As of last week, shopping at Costco just became even more convenient as you will now be able to use Apple Pay at the checkout counter. "We've added additional mobile payment options to make your next visit more convenient," said Costco. "Costco members can now use A Apple Pay is now accepted at all Costco warehouses in the United States, at in-store checkouts, according to the wholesale retailer. Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung Pay at U.S. Costco locations."

All 750 Costco stores throughout the US are now equipped with contactless payment terminals which have been an ongoing project over the past several months. All contactless payment stations are now active, making payment even more convenient. In addition, Costco is supplying its gas stations with contactless readers, the majority of which are yet to go live.

In addition, the Costco Anywhere credit card is now fully equipped with a tap-to-pay function. This card will act as a membership card whilst also giving members the chance to earn 2% cash back on Costco or purchases.

Apple landing another big partner for Apple Pay in the form of wholesale giants, Costco, was long awaited. However, it is also a smart move for Apple itself. With iPhone sales, being reportedly slower than ever, offering services to businesses is Apple's next big project. Apple Pay will also be launching at pharmacy chain CVS and popular convenience store 7-Eleven later this year.

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