Best Chocolate Fondue Fountains: Top Best Chocolate Foundue Picks by! Updated September, 2020

Review of the top best picks for Chocolate Foundue Fountains! Visions of chocolate waterfalls no longer need to exclusive features of the Willy Wonka movie. Anyone can create a scene of cascading chocolate by investing in one of the best chocolate fountains on the market. There are plenty of Chocolate Foundue Fountains to choose from, we went ahead and did all the review and research work for you! Our review team spent researching and analyzing the BEST chocolate fountains on the market so you don’t have to! See our top best picks for Chocolate Foundue Fountains below:

Why is Research Important

Chocolate fountains bring a sprinkle of magic (and sugar!) to any occasion. Be it a birthday, a christening, a wedding or a baby shower, a chocolate fountain is guaranteed to impress your guests, not matter their age! Due the wide range of manufactures and the constant competition on the market, there are a wide range of chocolate fountains to explore. Before deciding which one to buy it is important to consider what exactly you would like its main function to be. Whether you are just browsing, or know exactly what you are after, we can guarantee that our comparison table will make your decision simple! Read on to discover more about the best chocolate fountains on the market!

Why the Sephra Elite Chocolate Fountain for Home Was Our Editor's Choice?

One of the reasons why the Sephra Elite Chocolate Fountain such a great product is not only due the fact that the capacity is higher than that of other fondue machines of the market but in addition, due to the WhisperQuiet motor. This means that the level of noise when the machine is in operation is extremely low and in turn, both you and your guests can enjoy your event without a constant whirring noise in the background.  The price tag of just under $190 falls at the higher end the price range however the quality of the fondue machine is so high that it really is worth every cent!


Why the Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain is a Great Product!

Wilton already have a great reputation for creating high quality, efficient and effective electronic kitchen utensils and their Pro Chocolate Fountain doesn’t disappoint. It has the capacity to not only flow the chocolate but preheat it too. This fountain is super convenient to set up, use and clear away as all the parts are removable, easily click together and slide into the dishwasher. This chocolate fountain comes priced at just under $68 which is good value for money as the product is durable, easy to use and promises enjoyment for you and your guests!


Why do we Recommend the Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker?

The stand, bowl, ring and temperature probe are all put together and taken apart easily which makes taking it apart to store away totally hassle free. What's more, this also means that it is easy to clean as all the parts are dishwasher friendly. In addition, this fondue machine takes no time at all to heat up. It can get hot oil to 375 degrees in around 10 minutes and the temperature setting is easy to use. A simple turn of the switch will allow you to adjust temperature according to the ingredients or the passing of time. Finally, this is definitely the best fondue machine for those on a budget at just under $45!


Why we Loved the Nostalgia CFF986 4-Tier 2-Pound Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain!

This chocolate fountain looks, elegant, expensive and classy but cost just a fraction of the price of other chocolate fountains on the market. Priced at just over $35, it is outstanding value for money and if you are looking for a chocolate fountain with a smaller capacity there is really no reason to invest in this Nostalgia model. In addition, this appliance is BPA free making is safe and healthy for all and disassembles quickly for effortless cleanup. In terms of use, you will need to warm up the unit for around 10 minutes before adding the chocolate!


Bottom Line

Chocolate fountains no longer need to be rented out for special events by party suppliers or professional catering services. There are now so many models that slide nicely into your kitchen storage ready for you to whip them out when you are hosting guests to simply just want to treat yourself. After extensive testing (and tasting!) we decided that our Editor's Choice simply had to be the Sephra Elite Chocolate Fountain due to its convenience and large chocolate capacity!



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