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Love Cards Against Humanity? Earn $40/Hour Writing for Them!

Cards Against Humanity, also known as "a party game for horrible people," is currently hiring! They're looking for new writers to join their pool of remote contributors writing hilarious and despicable cards for the game. As if that wasn't good enough, get this – the pay is $40/hour! Keep in mind that this is an "as needed" position, meaning it likely won't be enough to be your sole source of income.

If you've been living in a cave and have never heard of Cards Against Humanity, it's an adult card game that's been compared to an offensive version of the Apples to Apple's game. To play, each player draws 10 white cards, also known as "answer cards." Players rotate being the Card Czar, who draws a black "fill in the blank" card. Players choose their best white card to fill in the blank (generally, the raunchiest or most politically incorrect) and passes it face-down to the Card Czar, who shuffles the cards and reads each possible answer aloud. Generally, the Card Czar chooses a personal favorite among the possibilities, and whoever submitted that card "wins" the round. Technically, the rules don't say how to win the game and many players are flexible with developing their own house rules.


The game was developed by four alumni from Highland Park High School in Illinois. It was originally financed by a Kickstarter campaign, and it was officially released in May 2011. Just a month later, it hit the number one game spot on Additional expansion packs have been released over the years, including a Pride Pack, Geek Pack, and even packs just for the 2016 presidential election.

An example round may include a black card, "I get by with a little help from ___________" and players may respond with white cards like "a thermonuclear detonator," "Michael Jackson," "Hillary Clinton's emails," or "living in a trashcan." Like we said, this game prides itself on being politically incorrect, crass, and hilarious for those adults with a particular set of humor.

If you think that you can come up with this style of cards to add to the pool, you should submit your fifteen best white cards and five best black cards ideas on the Cards Against Humanity website. The submission guidelines on the website provide some general tips for writing black and white cards to get you started. All submissions are due by August 31. Cards Against Humanity is strongly encouraging those who come from historically marginalized communities to apply.

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