Car2go Brings Car Sharing Service to Chicago in July

By Oliver White — Published June 21, 2018

Car2go Brings Car Sharing Service to Chicago in July

Car2go, founded in 2008, currently operates in six U.S cities and Chicago is set to take the place of the seventh U.S car2go city in July. At the end of next month, Chicagoans will have access to 400 eco-friendly vehicles for shared driving. Car2go has stated that new members can expect to benefit from free registration as well credit for a limited time. What's more, the regular blue and white smart cars will be available as well as a fleet of Mercedes-Benz sedans.

Car2go will be setting an 'Operating Area' and although members will be able to take their car2go vehicles up to 200 miles outside of it, cars must start and finish within the parameters. Members will be able to return their car2go vehicles to residential permit areas and car2go designated parking places within their designated operating area instead of returning them to a specific car park or office.

In terms of cost, Chicago members can expect to pay 29-39 cents a minute depending on the car you chose and if you will be needing the car for more than half an hour, cheaper rates will be available. What's more, there are no additional monthly or annual fees and fuel, parking, insurance and maintenance costs are all covered.

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Chicago is currently home to car share services such as Zipcar, Maven, IGO and Getaround however what will cause Car2go stand out from their competitors is their 'free-float' model. This means that when members are done with the car, they will be able to leave it in a different location to where they picked it up from. Car2go claim that this "helps mitigate traffic congestion, reduces air pollution and integrates with other transit and sustainable transportation options". This means that Chicagoan members will be able to enjoy a more flexible carshare service as they will not need to return cars to a fixed location by a fixed time Mayor Emanuel has since added that "Chicago is a global leader in transportation innovation and this new pilot program will help us stay at the forefront while supporting our commitment to providing safe and reliable ways to get around Chicago". If car2go takes off as expected, Chicagoans can look forward to less privately-owned cars, less pollution and less congested roads.

Car2go members can access car2go services via the app, available on iPhone and Android smartphone devices. Registration opens today!


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