How to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets

Life can be monotonous and exhausting. For most of us, the daily pressures of work, family life, chores and an attempt at a social life can be draining. What's more, thoughts of sipping a cocktail with the sea breeze running through your hair seems like a distant dream. Primarily due to a lack of funds, thoughts of sun, sea, and sand seem even more out of reach and what with buying a new kitchen appliance, paying for those after-school swimming lessons or staying on top of bills, booking your holiday seems to become less and less of a priority.

In actual fact, it’s not too difficult to purchase a cheap flight and there is no doubt that you've heard friends, family members or colleagues discussing their latest bargain. Don’t know how to go about securing yourself some of the cheapest flights on the market? Follow our easy-to-follow steps that will help you book the best low-fare deals.

how to buy cheap flights

Step 1: Sign Up for E-Mail Alerts! As part of marketing campaigns, companies often send out low-fare alerts to those that have signed up to their mailing list. Sometimes, airlines offer an option to specify airports that are most convenient for you to fly to and from. The less specific details you have in mind before you sign up means the more emails you'll receive. Your inbox being inundated with emails isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You will be notified when prices fall and when deals are released.

Step 2: Decide how Far in Advance You Should Book! Make sure you know when airfare prices are typically at their lowest! Firstly, you should bear in mind that the amount of time can differ from region to region. According to research, it appears that on the whole, flights are cheapest between 3 and 5 months before departure date, however, there is variation depending on where you are flying from and where you are flying to. Other research suggests that last minute booking will provide you with the biggest savings as airlines are known for slashing prices in order to fill a flight.

In addition, research shows that prices are at their most competitive on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. What's more, fares will be at their priciest on the weekend as it’s the most comfortable time for people to take a vacation. Another reason for this is that the staff behind the airline sites tend not to work on the weekend. Therefore, the site is managed by an algorithm meaning that if tickets for a particular route are purchased, prices will automatically jump due to a perceived increase in demand.

Step 3: Go Undercover! Keep your searches secret to avoid cookies picking up on repeated searches. It's true, flight prices really do jump based on the number of times that they are searched from the same browser. This is a clever way that the airline 'scares' you into booking quickly to avoid paying more than you need to. That's why you should always search for flights in incognito mode to get the best deals. What's more, we advise you to clear out your cookies in between airline searches to stop old prices from re-appearing and potentially meaning that you miss out on the best deals.

Step 4: Mix and Match Your Flight! Learn how to piece together your flight on your own to save money! Sometimes, it's worth booking two one-way tickets from different airlines. These days, most airlines on the market sell reasonably priced one-way tickets and purchasing separate tickets with unaffiliated airlines could save you money. In addition, booking connecting flights from the same or different airlines can help you save a substantial sum of money. Just be sure to leave enough time between the flights! What's more, if you are traveling for the holiday season, why not try and get a flight on the actual holiday? Tickets are always cheaper on the holiday itself so if celebrating in the air doesn’t bother you then you could save yourself a fortune. Finally, relying on one site to give you cheap flights is somewhat naïve. Websites such as Airfare Watchdog allows you to easily and efficiently search various websites at the click of a button. Once you enter your chosen destination into the search box, different flight options will pop up in different windows making it easier for you to be in control of your options.

Step 5: Budget Airlines! Don't overlook the little guys! Budget airlines are more often than not, severely cheaper than the full-service airlines on the market. What's more, search engines often push the smaller airlines to the bottom of their results pages. Be sure to scroll the whole page of search results so as not to miss out on great savings. In addition, why not conduct a search for the best budget-airlines? The airline websites themselves often hold private sales to draw traffic to their site. What's more, upon visiting the landing page, you can sign up for an e-mail service and receive alerts during special promotions.


Bottom Line

No-one is denying that booking a holiday is simple but ensuring that you get the best for your money is another story and more often than not, we end up spending more money than we originally intended. This results in unnecessary frustration and disappointment surrounding what should be a relaxing break. In order to get you into full holiday mode, we have put together a list of easy-to-follow steps to save you money before you even arrive at your holiday destination of dreams. Take our tips on board, each dollar you save is another pool-side cocktail!

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