How to Buy Apple Products on a Budget

How to Buy Apple Products on a Budget

People are obsessed with Apple products, and it is little wonder why. Apple is known for innovation, top quality technology, and easy to use interfaces. People are routinely blown away by the performance and design of Apple products. In fact, when Fast Company ranked the top 50 innovative companies back in February, Apple was named "World's Most Innovative Company" for "delivering the future today." Additionally, brand consulting firm Interbrand has ranked Apple as number one since 2013 when it unseated Coca-Cola. Interbrand ranks companies based on financial forecasts, gauging a brands' strength, ability to create customer loyalty, determining the brand's role, and more. It estimates Apple's brand value at $184.2 billion in 2017.


iPod, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch: with each new product and their advancements over the years, the excitement and anticipation has been intense. The questions are always, "what will Apple come up with next?" and "how can I get my hands on this product?" As much as people love Apple products, however, consumers continually ask why these products are priced so high? Apple has stated before that this is because the company simply does not want to sacrifice quality for price. Instead of asking how they can cheapen an already great product they've developed, such as the iPhone, Apple wants to ask how they can create an excellent product but sell it at a low price? For years, people wondered why Apple didn't create a Mac for under $1,000, but after working on it, Apple concluded that they simply couldn't offer a great quality product at that price point. Instead, they invented the iPad which provides a Mac experience but at a much lower price.


Apple's revenue from mobile phones is estimated to be twice as much as Android's, even though Android sells more phones worldwide. This can partially be explained by there being more budget-friendly Android phones on the market. After all, the latest iPhone starts at $999 whereas you can get a decent Android phone for under $200. Similarly, there are a number of cheap Windows laptops out there whereas a new MacBook can set you back a good $1,000 or more. Luckily, there are ways to get around these prices and still get Apple products even if you're on a budget.


There are a few ways to get small discounts at the Apple Store, such as if you are a student or work in education. This could shave $150 off the price of a MacBook Air, for example. Some states and stores also offer tax breaks right before school is due to start back up in the fall. You can also always try to fight the masses on Black Friday to get a good deal. One way that we like to save money on must-have electronics is by searching for certified refurbished items.


A lot of people are scared of buying refurbished items, convinced that they will get an old, dented gadget that doesn't even work, with no hope of recouping the money they lost. Refurbished just means that the item has been returned. It's possible that the original buyer just changed their mind and so sent the computer or smartphone back. There's also the possibility that it had a problem (whether major or minor) that the manufacturer then repaired prior to selling again at a discounted price. The manufacturer should test the returned product, repair any necessary issues, and then reset to
factory settings before selling again.


Bottom Line

When looking to buy an Apple product at a discount, certified refurbished products are a legitimate way to score up to 50% off of smartphones, computers, and more. It's important to research the product you're about to buy to ensure what accessories it comes with. For example, you want to check whether anything you buy comes with the charging cable, as well as other typically included items. Once your refurbished device arrives, look it over carefully, turn it on, and make sure that it works properly. It's important to do this soon after arrival as some sellers offer a limited window for returns.

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