Best Plants for your Yard!

May 2019

These are the best plants for your yard. if you are looking for yard plants, these are the best ones!

Best Plants For Your Yard!

Purchasing the best plant for your backyard is more than just about a good price tag and its appearance in the shop. The quality of a plant is determined by its health and growth once it has been planted into the soil of your yard and is able to survive the conditions and care it receives in this new environment. A lot of plants which are perfect for a backyard garden often do not survive due to diseases and pests. It is because of this reason that perennial plants, shrubs and trees are usually preferred over annuals even though the latter is the best buy for the price.

Apart from being a healthy hobby, a backyard garden has numerous advantages and applications. While it instantly enhances the aesthetic qualities of the house, it also provides privacy by providing a high enough cover and dense foliage. Another major advantage of backyard gardening is that it provides the opportunity to grow your own produce. Fruits and vegetables grown in your own backyard are free from chemicals, contain more nutrients and even taste better. Added to this, backyard gardening teaches children to appreciate nature and life. Some easy tips for starting your own backyard garden are mentioned below.

best yard plants

  • Take small steps. Plant seeds that you know for sure you will eat or require for privacy.
  • Locate spots in the backyard that receive at least 6 hours of sunlight every day and have easy access to water.
  • Ensure that your garden bed is slightly raised as it will give you more control and will allow you to regulate your soil depth.
  • Read up on gardening from various online sources and talk to real gardeners for more tips and expert advice.

Best plants for backyard gardening

The list below contains a list of plants that are ideal to be grown in the backyard.

  • Bamboo- Bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants in the world. This means that they can turn any kind of backyard into a luxurious and private environment. Since certain varieties of bamboo are invasive in nature, it is advised to pick a slow spreading strain or plant them in separate, raised planters.
  • Carrots- Carrots are one of the easiest vegetables to grow in the backyard. All they require is a rock free growing space as rocks result in crooked carrots. As soon as their tops start breaching the soil line, they are ready for harvest. There are a lot of varieties of carrots and most of them can be easily grown in a backyard garden. 
  • Queen Anne’s Lace- Popular as a filler plant, Queen Anne’s Lace or wild carrot is easily grown from seeds and can help you fill spaces between different plantations. They are beautiful especially in clusters and can add variety to your garden.
  • Peonies- Peonies are beautiful, extremely popular and very easy to grow in a backyard. These flowers are perfect for beginners as they thrive in almost any kind of climate and are extremely hardy. They are not only beautiful but can last for a hundred years if cared for.
  • Privet- Just like the bamboo, Privet is a fast-growing plant that is perfect for privacy and establishing a beautiful boundary around your garden. They are popularly grown as a hedge and require routine pruning. The hard work that goes into growing these plants totally pays off as they not only provide foliage but also have beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers on them.
  • Green beans- Broad beans or green beans are one of the easiest vegetables to cultivate in a personal garden. While other varieties of beans are more productive, green beans are very easy to cultivate making them perfect for a beginner.

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