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10 Amazing Wedding Locations Around the World

10 Amazing Wedding Locations Around the World

A wedding is an important day in the life of a man and woman as it represents moving on from one stage of life to the next. It is also a commitment that couples want to share with their friends and family.

Many couples are now choosing to get married farther away from home than before and so here’s a look at 10 of the most amazing locations to tie the knot in.

1.    Hawaii – Hawaii has something for everyone. There are beautiful beaches, humongous cliffs and green mountainsides which all come together to make Hawaii a popular destination for a wedding. There is a reason that Hawaii is a popular destination for many couples worldwide and that is because it has something for everyone.

hawaii wedding location

2.    Jamaica – If you’re thinking of Jamaica for your wedding ceremony, remember to avoid going there in March which is the spring-break season as well as the hurricane season which starts in June and lasts all the way to November.

jamaica wedding location

3.    South Africa – If your partner and you are an outdoorsy type of couple, South Africa will tickle your fancy. There are many beautiful spots to get married which include game reserves and mountaintops.

south africa wedding

4.    San Francisco – San Francisco is like a compromise between a concrete jungle and a jungle filled with lush greenery. It is urban but not overwhelmingly so. It is also great for foodies if that is something your significant other and you are into. It averages 65 degrees the year round which makes any time the right time to get married.

san francisco wedding

5.    New York – Your guests will be excited for a reason to visit the city that never sleeps. There is also an abundance of wedding planning resources which makes planning your wedding a breeze. It is also easy for your guests to get around because there are taxis on every block.

new york wedding

6.    Paris – Playing it safe isn’t a bad choice if you’re spoilt for choice. Paris is synonymous with romance which should come as no surprise to anyone who plans weddings for a living. There is plenty of sightseeing for your guests and you too which means that you won’t be getting bored anytime soon.

paris wedding

7.    Fiji – There is no shortage of choice in Fiji, with more than 3000 islands to choose from to plan your special day. It is a tropical oasis filled with palm trees which line the beaches and beautiful coral reefs that are waiting to be explored. Fiji is perfect for couples who dream of a beautiful beachside wedding.

fiji wedding

8.    Rome – If you really want to make a statement about your wedding, why not do so in Rome? It is a city that has stood for more than a thousand years with sights including the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and Spanish Steps. A wedding in Rome sets the precedent for it lasting the test of time.

rome wedding

9.    Spain – Lovers of architecture and art would do well to consider a wedding in Barcelona, Rome. It is a hub of modernism and surrealism with work by Salvadore Dali, Antoni Gaudi and Pablo Picasso. If that’s not your thing, why not consider Madrid or the cities of Granada, Seville and Malaga? Rome has something for even the pickiest of couples.

spain wedding

10.    Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka is a smorgasbord of exotic and vibrant colors. You can expect to explore rainforests where elephants roam free, experience endless sunset bathed beaches and observe timeless Buddhist ruins. Sri Lanka is a beautiful place which can only be described in one word, ‘magical.' It is also famous for its cuisine if your significant other and you are foodies.

sari lanka wedding