The Best USB Wall Chargers 2018 Review: Top Best USB Wall Charger Recommendations! Updated October, 2020

We review the best USB wall charger coming from the latest technology. Technology is developing at the speed of light and with that, comes our reliance on all things battery operated. With every piece of technology requiring a USB wall charger, how do you go about picking the best USB wall charger? There are many variations of USB wall chargers, get the usb charger that is the best fit for you and your budget! Don’t know which one to go for? Have no fear! our team has spent hours researching and analyzing the BEST USB wall chargers so you don’t have to!

Why Does Research Matter?

Who recognizes that all too familiar feeling when you realize that your partner, sibling or roommate has yet again stolen your charger? If the answer is yes then investing in a USB wall charger will help you ensure that you are never caught with no battery again. What's more, some wall chargers act as multi-port charging hubs meaning that they are the perfect permanent fixture to any living space.  Of course, there are no two models that are the same and it's important that you invest in the best charger for your needs. We have done all the hard work for you so read on to find out more!

Why is the Anker 40W 4-Port USB Wall Charger Our Editor's Choice?

We loved the technology unique to Anker called Power IQ. Power IQ means that once attached, the charger is able to tell if you've inserted a smartphone, tablet or laptop and charge the device appropriately. This means that you do not need to waste time finding the right port on the charger as each port adapts to the device and gives the perfect current for fast charging time. In addition, it comes equipped with surge protection and temperature control to keep your devices safe. Finally, priced at under $26, it's the perfect device to keep your devices full of juice on the go.


Why do we Recommend the Nekteck USB C Charger, Nekteck 4-port 72W USB?

We loved the fast charge feature that comes with the Nekteck USB C Charger. The 6ft USB C charging cable supports fast charging with a maximum power of up to 100W. In addition, the USB-C port enables devices that are compatible with this wall charger to charge faster in a short amount of time. In addition, we also liked the smart technology which the Nekteck USB charger uses to intelligently identify the device. This means that the charger is able to automatically provide your device with the fastest and more efficient output current. Finally, priced at just over $35, it's a great product that will make living with your tech devices that much easier.


Why did we Like the Anker Elite Duel Port 24W USB Travel Wall Charger PowerPort?

Not only is this USB wall charger extremely light and compact, the foldable plug means that you will always be travel ready. What's more, it comes with international voltage compatibility so the world really is your oyster with the Anker Elite Duel Port 24W USB Travel Wall Charger. We loved how durable it is meaning that premium components are always protected against bumps and drops. In addition, this device uses a combination of 10 safety features including heat protected. Finally, with a price tag of just over $10, to keep your device in full power, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Why Did we Compare the Ailkin USB Wall Charger, Charger Adaptor?

Although the power isn’t necessarily high, we liked the fact that the Ailkin USB Wall Charger has a dual-USB power output of 5V/2.1 A and an input of 100-240V meaning that 2 devices can be charged at any one time without a problem. What's more, the excellent safety features are all down to an IC chip, placed inside the device to protect against overhearing or extra currents causing damage to the device in any way. In addition, we simply fell in love with the colors! Although these aren't the strongest chargers on the market, they are great for charging smartphones at home, are an affordable $20 for 6 and includes a breakage warranty of 12 months!


Bottom Line

There is no denying that wall chargers will make life for those living with fellow tech junkies that much easier. We tested numerous wall chargers on the market and came up with our favorite 4. We based our results on the number of USB ports, size, style, charging speed, brand reliability, value for money and more. Of course, there is no one model to sort everyone but nevertheless, we found the Anker PowerPort 4 to be the best multiport USB charger on the market. This is down to the fact that the charger is able to charge up to 4 appliances (the optimum number of devices in most households), the Unique Power IQ charging and of course, the fact that it is affordable.

If it's not the charger that you're after, but the mobile device, check our review of the top 10 must-have tech products on the market in 2018!

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