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Last Updated September 22, 2020

1 Out of 3 Americans Has Unclaimed Assets Waiting to Be Claimed. Any of it Yours?

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Over $60 Billion in Unclaimed Assets are Available in the United States!

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What is Unclaimed Money? We Explain!

Unclaimed Money is money that belongs to people. It is uncollected property, also known as missing money that is waiting to be collected.

Today, states, federal agencies and other organizations are collectively holding as much as $60 billion in unclaimed cash and benefits. That is just about $180 for every United State resident. In some cases people are owed some serious amount of money.

In 2017 a Connecticut resident claimed $32.8 million, proceeds of a sale of 1.3 million shares of stocks. The receipt of the funds requested not to be revealed, therefore, no further details were provided. There is a staggering number of more then $300 million in pension benefits that is currently owed to about 38,000 people according to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. Unclaimed benefits currently range from 12 cents to a whopping $704,621, with an average benefit of $9,100. These benefits go unclaimed simply because employees are unaware they had accrued retirement benefits at a previous employer.

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Where Does Unclaimed Money Come From?

  • Abandoned Bank Accounts
  • Abandoned Stock Holdings
  • Old Checking Accounts
  • Old Savings Accounts
  • Unclaimed Life Insurance
  • Forgotten Pension Benefits
  • State Held Unclaimed Property
  • Old Finance Accounts such as PayPal
  • Un-cashed Paychecks
  • Un-redeemed Money Orders or Gift Certificates
  • Customer Overpayments
  • Mineral Royalty Payments
  • Annuities
  • Forgotten Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Travel Checks
  • Payroll Refunds
  • Utility Security Deposits
  • Other Business or Government Related Transactions

What Are Unclaimed Money Laws?

Under varying state laws, financial institutions and other companies are required to turn over any funds considered "abandoned," including un-cashed paychecks, forgotten bank account balances, unclaimed refunds, insurance payouts and contents of safe deposit boxes. They have found some pretty unusual items like diamonds, bottles of liquor and sardines.

Property is usually considered abandoned after the holder of the account or property has had no activity or contact with the owner for several years.

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