Best Tax Programs

By Keren P. — Published February 13, 2018

Best Tax Programs

Doing our own taxes isn’t as easy as it seems. Tax preparation can be a very tricky and challenging affair, taking up a lot of your time and effort.

If you think hiring a tax specialist can help you here, think again. Profession tax services are expensive, not to mention very slow in their services. In peak tax season, you’ll find yourself waiting for days for that tax report. Tax preparation programs and software are a great alternative in these situations.

Benefits of using tax programs
• Cost-efficient and inexpensive
• Easy to run and use
• Offer foolproof results
• Are IRS-compatible and allow you to file taxes online securely
• Can be used to collect your tax refunds and rebates

Criteria to evaluate when selecting a tax program
• Software version
• Cost
• In-built features
• Guarantee and warranty
• E-filing compatibility features

2018s 5 best tax programs you need to be aware of

❖ TurboTax
When it comes to personal tax preparation and filing, TurboTax is the name that makes an appearance. An absolute wizard, this tax program allows you to take and upload photos of various tax forms online, ensuring you don’t make any mistake when submitting the information.

It has an ‘Expense Finder’ feature which identifies and categorizes your expenses based on tax-deductible and non-deductible. The program offers tips and tricks to filing taxes along the way. Bots are present to assist you at all points of the tax preparation.

❖ Liberty Tax
If you’re experienced in using tax preparation software, then Liberty Tax is something you can consider. It isn’t very novice-user-friendly and is best for those who know what they’re doing. The best feature of this program is the number of focused features it provides.

Users can choose which categories of their taxes they want to work on first and categorize their work accordingly. The program provides audit support and you can even purchase the audit representation feature here. The app also warns you if you type any information that may trigger a probe by the IRS.

❖ H&R Block
If this is your first time preparing your own taxes, then the H&R Block is a program you can try. Extremely user-friendly, with loads of bots available for instantaneous help and support, this software is perfect for filing your personal returns.

The program offers tips during tax preparation and you also have the option of having your taxes reviewed by a professional (at a price), before filing. One of the best features of the app is how you can book consultations at the H&R Block offices on the app and be eligible for a free consult with a specialist.

❖ TaxACT
One of the most user-friendly and extremely inexpensive tax programs available on the market is TaxACT. The program offers live customer support to help you when preparing your taxes. You are also given advice on how best to file your self-employment and investment taxes.

One of the best features of TaxACT is the ‘Life Events’, where you have the option of accessing insights on how to file taxes at various stages of your life. Say you just got married. The ‘Life Events’ feature will advise you on how to file your taxes to make the most savings post-marriage. There are 19 such categories under this ranging from higher education to ill health.

❖ TaxSlayer
TaxSlayer is today one of the most favored personal tax preparation programs available. Having a huge searchable index filled with explanatory notes, tips, and professional advice, the TaxSlayer information repository is something every tax professional and novice filer craves.

The program has the ‘Quick File’ feature which allows you to upload the relevant information quickly, without hassle. You can also move around various categories of the form efficiently. The program is also designed to handle complicated returns.

You can choose either the ‘Enter Myself’ or the ‘Guide Me’ option here and fill in your details with ease.

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