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With brunch seeming to take over the weekend scene, as well as our Instagram feeds, we are constantly met with a variety of sweet and savory toast options in all sizes and colors that we're desperate to recreate at home.  Gone are the days when bread was the devil, so much so that health experts and dieticians alike are recommending toast as the right nutritious choice to start your day.  For optimum health, toast should be balanced with foods high in protein, fat and nutrients which is why eggs, lean ham and salmon have all become popular breakfast menu features.  What's more, grain choice is also an important decision to consider as well as your toppings.  If you're sick of whacking the same bread in the toaster or ordering the same dish at your favorite brunch spot then why not try whole grain, rye or spelt bread?  Or ditch bread all together and try toasting English muffins or bagels- just as long as they're toasted!

Which brings us onto our second question, why is toast so much more comforting than bread?  According to experts, when bread is toasted it goes through a chemical reaction known as the Maillard reaction.  This is a chemical reaction between sugars in the bread and amino acids which produce a new set of flavor compounds.  This in turn means that toast takes on a whole new flavor to its less crispy counterpart!   

So, how can we achieve the tastiest toast from the comfort of our own home?  Investing in a toaster is the best breakfast decision you could possibly make and we have a choice of two for you here!

Best Value For Money: Russell Hobbs 4-Slice Retro Style Toaster

We loved how fast this toaster was and discovered that it really does take up to a minute less to provide us with perfectly golden-brown toast!  The frozen setting made bread taste fresh and the warming rack heats sweet treats like croissants and buns.  It's sometimes difficult to gage how long toasting time takes with other toasters on the market however with this model, the toasting timer actually counts down so you know if you have enough time to hang out the laundry before breakfast!  The lift and lock feature also stood out to us as it allows for monitoring the progress of the toast without canceling the heating process.  At under $100, this 4-slot toaster is definitely great value for money and comes with a 2-year warranty which shows how much Russell and Hobbs believe in their retro style toaster!  The only thing that our testers were disappointed with is the fact that most of the controls are on the right-hand side as opposed to the front so although the front of the toaster looks sleek, the controls are difficult to get to, including the crumb tray, depending on where you decide to place your toaster.  In general, reviewers loved how the Russell Hobbs 4- Slice retro style toaster provided us with consistently warm toast, golden to perfection!



Best Splurge:  Smeg TSF01PGUS 50s Retro Style Aesthetic 2-Slice Toaster

Smeg are known for making the most stylish, colorful fridges on the market with a vintage feel and we were over the moon to see that their toaster looks just as gorgeous!  Like the Russell and Hobbs machine we also tested, this toaster has a classic design, sleek with a beautiful shape, and comes in a choice of 8 colors which guarantee to add a touch of retro style to any kitchen.  In terms of its capabilities, we loved how the Smeg model creates the perfect breakfast or afternoon snack whilst being super easy to clean thanks to the removable stainless-steel crumb tray.  Its stand out features included the bagel setting and the reheat setting which doesn’t make toast soggy and ensures it is as crispy as it was when it popped out of the toaster!  Some of our testers did however claim that this toaster worked best on lower settings as higher settings sometimes caused burning.  Testers also claimed that the exterior of the machine heats quickly however this doesn’t actually affect the way that it toasts bread. It's just important to be aware of the fact that the toaster's outer shell is hot if you have young children nearby waiting impatiently for their scrambled eggs!  It toasts evenly time and time again and is super easy to use thanks to the stainless-steel ball level knob and the backlit chrome knob, and at just under $150, it's worth spending the extra dime.  Our testers particularly loved the pastel blue and pastel green colors! 



Bottom Line:

Not only do both the toasters we reviewed look stylish and come in a variety of colors but both of them produced high quality toast. Browning toast evenly is a priority for us because there's nothing worse than cooking your eggs to perfection and watching burnt toast jump from the toaster.  On the whole, we loved both toasters we reviewed however the Russell Hobbs 4-Slice Retro Style toaster came top for us.  It produces toast quicker and our hungry testers preferred not to wait an extra couple of minutes before tucking into their breakfast.  Furthermore, not only did it accommodate a range of breads and baked goods, ensuring they are warmed/ toasted to perfection but it comes at a great price with a great warranty too.  What's more, the 2-slot version is even cheaper and will take up less space on your kitchen surface if you live on your own and are looking for top quality breakfast at a budget price!


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