The Spotify Playlists You Will Want to Follow!

Whether you are throwing a killer party, going on a cross-country road trip with friends, or trying to set ambient romantic tones, the right playlist can make or break the occasion. Remember back in the day when you would spend hours creating the perfect mixtape or CD? Luckily, these days, you can easily hop on Spotify and find already developed playlists for seemingly every circumstance. Here are our top recommendations to suit your every moment and mood!

Discovering New Music Playlist

Spotify offers a Discover Weekly feature that automatically generates a new playlist for you. This personalized playlist is made just for you every Monday. It's based on the music you've already listened to on Spotify and loved. Each playlist is roughly 30 songs. Just remember to save the ones that you love because you'll receive a new list of songs the next week!


Relaxed Time Playlist

Music has been shown to have stress-reducing properties. If you're one of the millions of Americans who experiences stress, why not press play on this Relaxation playlist by Chillout Lounge?  It will soothe your worries with the sounds of Radiohead, Norah Jones, Sia, Cat Power, and more.

Working Out Playlist

The right music can seriously make or break your workout. Upbeat, fast-paced tunes can motivate you to go harder and longer during your sweat sessions. Try the aptly named Workout playlist. It features 60 songs by the likes of Jason Derulo, Avicii, and Demi Lovato, among others.



Commuting and Driving Playlist

You'll feel happy with this commuting and driving playlist, even if there's traffic! Just because it's called A.M. Commute doesn't mean you can't enjoy it all day. Turn up the volume for these 42 songs that take you from Coldplay's Magic to the more explicit Trap Queen featuring Fetty Wap and Azealia Banks, and beyond!

BBQing with Friends Playlist

Your friends will love coming to your place for a summer barbecue, especially if you don't just provide them with hamburgers and hotdogs but also with an amazing playlist. Everyone will have a good time with the Goldies Backyard BBQ playlist in the background as they sing along "Brown Eyed Girl" and "Sweet Home Alabama."

Quiet Evening at Home Playlist

Every once in a while, we all need a quiet evening at home. When you just want to chill out, try this Relax & Unwind playlist. It offers up 80 songs that will provide the calm ambience you desire while you sit back and relax with a glass of wine.


Feeling Nostalgic Playlist

Feeling nostalgic? Want to go back to simpler times? Remember the good old days of the 90's with this All Out '90s playlist. Sing along to Sixpence None the Richer, Oasis, the Goo Goo Dolls, Eagle-Eye Cherry, and more!

Best Rock Songs Playlist

Rock out with this rock mix that spans the decades! Rock Anthems consists of 130 songs with artists including AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath, among others. These legendary rock stars and their music are perfect for any rock lover!

Best Hip Hop Playlist

You're going to want to turn this playlist up! Get Turnt features 100 hip hop songs by the likes of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, DJ Khaled, and 2 Chainz that will get you excited. You won't be able to get enough of these hot beats!  

Top Hits You Need to Know Playlist

If you want to stay current, Today's Top Hits is the playlist for you. At the time of writing, it includes 50 fresh songs by the most popular artists of today. Impress everyone with your knowledge of the latest and greatest music!


Throw Back Thursday Playlist

For the ultimate Throwback Thursday all week long, check out Throwback Thursday Archive on Spotify. It includes close to 4,000 songs (!) at the time of writing. Each song will have you even more excited than the last as you relive all of your old favorites!

Old School Rap Playlist

The 1980s and 1990s were known as the golden age of hip hop thanks to the innovative sound quality of the time. The I Love My '80s Hip-Hop playlist will take you back to that exhilarating era with artists like 2 Live Crew and Public Enemy.

Best Country Playlist

You don't have to be from the South to appreciate country music! The songs on the Forever Country playlist have all been nominated or won awards from the Country Music Association, so you know that they are good. It includes artists spanning decades to bring you the best country playlist.

Having a Great Day Playlist

Wake up happy and ready to have the best day ever with this Have a Great Day playlist! There are 100 timeless songs that are fun, feel-good tunes. You'll be singing along to The Jackson 5, Queen, The Temptations, Jason Mraz, Outkast, Counting Crows, and more!

Boost Your Mood Playlist

Not feeling so hot? This Mood Booster playlist will soon cheer you up and brighten your day! You'll feel on top of the world with the help of Nicki Minaj, Florida Georgia Line, OneRepublic, Jason Mraz, and others.


Best 80s Rock Music Playlist

Relive the 80s with this '80s Rock Anthems playlist. Enjoy 100 songs like "Should I Stay or Should I go," "When Doves Cry," and "Dancing with Myself." You'll have trouble deciding which is your favorite!

Rainy Days Playlist

Gray skies and raindrops calls for its own special playlist. Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, make some tea, and listen to this appropriately titled Rainy Days playlist. These songs may be new to you, but they'll perfect fit the mood and the weather.

Best Indie Playlist

Ultimate Indie features the best indie music from a variety of artists such as Clairo, Middle Kids, The Voidz, and others. Get caught up in these 50 melodic indie tracks.

Disney for Dreamers Playlist

Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, there is something about Disney music that just makes people feel good and want to sing along! We love this Disney Songs to Sing in the Car playlist. It features 48 songs from your favorite Disney movies.

Road Trip Playlist

Planning a road trip? Whether you're driving across the state or across the country, this Drivetime playlist will keep you entertained and singing along. It includes a 60-song collection of both modern and vintage classics with artists such as R.E.M., The Beach Boys, The Cranberries, and Bryan Adams.

Best Romantic Playlist

If love is in the air, click play on the Romantic Ballads playlist. You'll be swooning to the likes of Adele, Ed Sheeran, The Script, and John Legend. It's the perfect playlist for time spent staring into the eyes of your soulmate.


Love Songs Playlist

Love in Paris features a collection of French love songs. After all, Paris is the most romantic city in the world! Even if you don't completely understand the words behind these 40 songs, you can't help but feel the romance they exude.

Morning Playlist

Feel motivated from the moment you wake up with this Morning Motivation playlist. The right music can help you start the day on the right foot. Wake up with energy and ready to conquer the day with the hottest artists!

Self-Motivation Playlist

This Monday Motivation playlist will keep you going all week long with tracks like "Ready or Not." It includes 88 songs, but we bet it will only take you one or two to experience a change of mood and lift in confidence! You definitely want to save this playlist for those times when you're feeling a bit sluggish.

                                                                 Bottom Line

In today's day and age, the perfect playlist is right at your fingertips. With so many options to choose from, however, you could easily waste away hours and days finding just the right music for your mood or special event. That's why we put in the work on your behalf to find the best playlists for every occasion and emotion. Thanks to this guide, you'll never have to skip songs or devote time to creating your own playlist again!

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