The Best Smartphones Under $200 Reviewed

The Best Smartphones Under $200 Reviewed

There's a certain pressure in society to "Keep up with the Joneses." We feel like in order to fit in, we need to have what everyone else in our social circle has. This, without fail, means spending money on the "right" clothes, the best summer camps for kids, the latest and most expensive gadgets, fancy cars, and more. Some people willingly take out loans and bury themselves in credit card debt just for the sake of maintaining appearances. Psychologists have found, however, that not only is this often bad for our pocketbooks, but it also can hurt self-esteem. Instead of nurturing our authentic selves and an attitude of gratitude, we feel like we aren't enough without these external markers of success.

While it may seem like everyone has the latest iPhone or most expensive Android on the market, this isn't accurate. If it's in your budget and you can afford to splurge, go for it! If not, however, you should strongly consider getting a budget-friendly smartphone that will still give you the benefits of social media connection, email, apps, a decent camera, smooth processing, and more. We promise, it's not too good to be true! Cheaper smartphones really have never been better.

Our Favorite Smartphone Under $200: Huawei Honor 7X

Though you may have never heard of Huawei, they are actually the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world. The Honor 7X is a 4G phone that is compatible with Android 7.0. Reviewers have found that they are quite impressed with this budget smartphone! The camera is better than that of many budget smartphones, with a dual 16 MP + 2 MP rear camera. The 8 MP front camera also takes beautiful selfies!  Reviewers absolutely love the split-screen function, with one in particular noting that she is happy that she now doesn't have to pause videos to switch screens in order to reply to incoming messages – instead, she can do both comfortably at the same time! You won't be disappointed in battery-life either: it lasts for more than a full day. This phone features a 5.9-inch screen, 2160 x 1080 FHD+ resolution, and comes with a 1-year warranty!


Our Most Budget-Friendly Smartphone Pick: Asus ZenFone 4 Max

The ZenFone 4 Max by Asus is our most budget-friendly choice that will still provide you with decent smartphone quality. This 4G phone has a metal body and a 2.5 D curved glass display that measures 5.5 inches. One of the features that most wowed reviewers is the ability to use this smartphone as a power bank to charge other devices. That's how powerful the ZenFone 4 Max's 5000 mAh battery is! This phone can accommodate two SIM cards which is great both for those who have a separate work number (but don't want to carry two phones) as well as those who travel abroad. It also includes a micro SD slot which allows you to expand the storage by another 256 GB. It also features a headphone jack so you don't have to rely solely on Bluetooth headphones the way that some other smartphones today make you do. ASUS offers a 1-year warranty on their ZenFone 4 Max.


Bottom Line

Budget smartphones have come a long way, and most people can be perfectly satisfied with a lower priced smartphone option. When choosing your budget phone, think about how much you actually want to spend. For our review, we focused on phones costing less than $200 to meet the needs of more people. We love the Huawei Honor 7X for its impressive functioning, fantastic camera, and useful dual-screen feature. The Asus ZenFone 4 Max costs even less than our top pick and comes with an amazing long-lasting battery that can be used to charge other devices, multiple SIM card slots, and nice camera. Both come with a 1-year warranty.

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