Best Shampoo for Thinning Hair Compared and Reviewed! Updated October, 2020

There seems to be plenty of focus on hair thickness in the media when describing the beauty ideal. For those that haven’t been blessed with luscious locks then hair thinning shampoo could be the answer. With so much choice on the market, how do you know what to go for? We spent hours researching the BEST shampoo for thinning hair to save you time and money!

Why Does Research Matter?

As we get older, age, hormone changes and variations in eating habits can cause your hair to thin. Once, it was either a case of you have it or you don't. Now, there are plenty of ways to ensure your hair is thick and healthy, one of which is investing in the correct shampoo. It's important to consider the ingredients in the shampoo before purchase to ensure that you're avoiding harmful chemicals, dyes and preservatives. If you want thicker hair but don’t want to be overwhelmed then have no fear! We have compared our 4 favorite shampoos for thinning hair on the market!

Why Was Laritelle Organic Shampoo Our Editor's Choice?

At just under $43 for 17.5oz of product, the price tag isn't exactly budget but despite this, the Laritelle Organic Shampoo still comes first place which proves how high quality it really is. Aside from the fact that it's gentle enough for every day use, we also loved how we saw a dramatic reduction in hair shedding and some of our testers even noticed an increase in new hairs coming through. After every was hair definitely looked lighter, healthier and eventually thicker! If this product falls into your budget and you are after dramatic results then this is the shampoo for you!


Why Do You Need to Invest in Pura D'OR Hair Thinning Therapy Shampoo?

We love the maximum prevention in hair fallout after using this hair product at a budget friendly price. At just over $20 for 16 oz of shampoo, this product won't break the bank and will keep you coming back for more. We loved that the product comes with a pump as it reduces contact with oxygen which can cause damage to the product as antioxidants are sensitive to air. What's more, the pump allows you to be in control of exactly how much shampoo you're using meaning increased value for money and less wastage.


Why Did We Compare Nioxin Cleanser System 2 Shampoo?

If used daily for at least 6 weeks, there is definitely a halt in hair shedding and hair loss (after as little as 3 months)! Priced at just under $29 for 33.8 oz of shampoo, this product is undeniably great value for money. The ingredients really are carefully picked for maximum impact such as the peppermint oil and white tea extract that work together to clean and refresh the scalp.  In addition, these two ingredients along with other conditioning elements of the shampoo work together to thicken chemically treated and colored hair. Finally, it's both vegan and alcohol free!


What's So Special About Living Proof Full Shampoo?

On the whole, hair feels as thick on the third day of washing as it does on the first after using Living Proof Full Shampoo and we loved the fact that the shampoo is silicone free which means what your scalp will stay grease-free. Priced at just under $18 for just 8oz of product this is priced slightly higher than average which is the reason that is scored slightly lower. If you are sick of trying product after product to combat thinning hair and this shampoo falls into your price range then we definitely recommend Living Proof and the unique technology that's behind it!


Bottom Line

Statistics show that hair loss/ thinning will affect roughly 50% of women so it's not surprising that shampoos that combat hair thinning are so prominent in today's market. Although it can be depressing to see your hair thinning, you should be grateful to know that specific shampoos are a reliable solution. It’s important to invest in shampoos that have been manufactured in a safe and natural way which is why we loved Laritelle Organic Shampoo. This product is made with 100% pure ingredients that work together to nourish hair follicles and promote hair growth.

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