Driving Made Fun with Best Electric Ride-On Cars for Kids Updated October, 2020

Electric cars make for the perfect birthday and holiday gift for your kids and one your child will thank you forever! It's known the children emulate their parents as they grow up and giving them a toy car that resembles yours will have them excited to the moon and back! We spend hours researching the BEST battery-powered car for your kid to save you time and money doing it yourself!

Why Does Research Matter?

Undoubtedly there is a plethora of selections available on the market for electric vehicles for kids. So, there is plenty to consider when it comes to choosing the best gift your child will be happy with. We wanted to give you a head start on what is important when choosing an electric car that will both cater to your child's fun and security. Here you will find top examples of electric cars that have different prices, a variety of fun features and security necessities for a fun and safe play expedition your child will love to embark on!

What Makes the Trax Dodge Viper so Cool?

Trax Dodge Viper is a stylish fun electric ride on for any kid who wants to feel some star dust in the wind! The Viper is a 12-volt car equipped with an FM radio and MP3 player jack, Power Trax™ rubberized traction strip tires, Kid Trax Power Sounds™ Dodge v10 real time engine sound simulation, two opening doors. There is also an extra seat for a sibling or a friend to enjoy the ride too! There is also a built-in charger indicator and a one-step battery charger. Definitely a fun head-turning toy car your child will love!


What's so Special about Fisher Price's Power Wheels Dune Racer?

Your kid will have an awesome off-road adventure with this Power Wheels® Dune Racer! It is great for kids that weighs up to 130 lbs given its sturdy frame. This racer is an all-terrain vehicle that powers effortlessly on hard surfaces as well as wet grass, sand and gravel! Your little driver will enjoy a forward speed of 5 mph and a reverse speed of 2.5 mph. Of course your child will also be secured thanks to the built-in belt, and conveniently you there is storage under the hood for your kid's favorite toys.


Why do we Love Razor's Dune Buggy?

Razor's dune buggy is an awesome outdoors pass time for older kids! It is a great item to help your kid hand coordination thanks to its hand-controlled accelerator and hand operated rear disk braking system. This buggy is suitable for kids at the age of 8 and support the weight of about 120 lbs. It has a security seatbelt, a padded bucket seat with a side roll cage that creates a barrier to the outside. The Razor's buggy has a durable tubular steel frame that makes for a convenient vertical storage. Your kid will enjoy this fun vehicle as they play through its variable speeds!


How Did Rollplay's GMC Fire Rescue Made our List?

Kids with a sense of heroism will love this Rollplay GMC Yukon Denali Fire Rescue. It includes cool features making it resemble just like the real thing! You will find in this rescue with 2.5 MPH forward and reverse speeds, 6V, 2 opening doors, and trunk storage compartments. The GMC Fire Rescue also features sounds of an actual rescue vehicle like loudspeaker, siren noises, engine sounds, a horn, and flashing lights. It's designed for children at the age of 3+ or for kids weighing up to 77 lb. Allow your kid save the day with this rescue!


Bottom Line

The toy industry is bombarded with new and improved innovative toys that makes it hard on us parents to choose the ones that suits our child the best. However undoubtedly that electric cars have proven historically as the "it" gift that all children go wild for. Given the evolving and improving technology, we must consider electric cars' safety features, warranty, price, style, and overall quality. Even though the options are endless, we listed out our top recommendations so you can get a jumpstart (pun intended) on choosing the best car your little one would love!

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