Best Places To Retire In the United States

By — Published September 26, 2017

Best Places To Retire In the United States

There are number of options to choose from when it comes to retirement living in the US. Maybe you prefer a peaceful and quiet small town life, or maybe you are looking for some adventure in your retirement years. Whatever you prefer, these are the top cities to retire in the US.

  • Venice, Florida

    A small, close knit retirement community in Florida, Venice was designed with architectural inspiration from the Italian Renaissance. It is a sight to behold with rivers and canals running through. Low cost of living and minimum traffic makes it the ideal location for a peaceful retirement. You will never find yourself bored as parks, beaches golf courses and tennis lawns are all available nearby.

  • Beaufort, South Carolina

    Beaumont is a popular and well-loved retirement community in South Carolina. It is an old river town with a moderate weather. Winters are mild and summers are just hot enough to be fun. You can fish and golf to your heart’s content here. The city has military installments which contribute greatly to its economy. While a lot of retirees live here, there are number of friendly families here too.

  • Abilene, Texas

    Abilene, a quiet town in Texas is the perfect place for an affordable retirement. Here, cost of living is extremely low. In fact, it is 10% lower than the national average. It also has a warm, pleasant weather throughout the year and has varied opportunities for those looking for recreational and social activities. No wonder this old and quaint railroad shipping town has a growing population of retirees every year.

  • Boise, Idaho

    If you are looking for an action-packed and adventurous life of retirement, Boise is the perfect retirement city for you. If you are into biking, it was chosen as one of the most ideal cities in the US to live and ride. If you love hiking or trekking, the mountains and rivers offer you plenty of opportunity to do exactly that. What makes it even more retirement-friendly are the low crime rates and widely available walking paths which make you feel safe and secure when you are out and about.

  • Palm Springs, California

    One of the most popular retirement communities in the world, Palm Springs is located in the Coachella Valley of California. It has a breathtaking view surrounded by mountains, with a rich social and cultural diversity. It has a warm weather throughout the year, making it perfect for retirees who love the outdoors.

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