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Best pizza stone review by We review the best pizza stone for you and save you hours of researching. Whether you are nursing a hangover or a heartache it is all too easy to reach for your phone to order a pizza. The pizza stone is the appliance that is guaranteed to change the way that homemade pizza tastes. Get a home made pizza feel exactly like the one you get at your local best pizza shop. See our top picks for best pizza stone below:

Why is Research Important?

So, what exactly is a pizza stone? A pizza stone is a cooking surface made of clay, stone, ceramic, cast iron or steel. These materials are an attempt at mimicking a stone pizza oven and guarantee a restaurant-quality base with every use. With so many kitchen appliance manufacturers on the market, it is no surprise that there is an array of pizza stones to chose from. Pizza stones differ in size, shape, and material and each factor affects the finished pizza result. We have compared the best pizza markets on the market so you can decide which pizza stone best suits your lifestyle. Read on for more!

Why was The Original Baking Steel- The Original Ultra Conductive Pizza Stone Our Editor's Choice?

Not only does this pizza stone helps to cook pizzas in a much faster time than other pizza stones on the market but with this product, cleaning time is also reduced. Although it is not suitable for washing machine use, it can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Aside from that, this pizza stone was simply the pizza stone that produced the best results. After 9 minutes in the oven, home-made pizzas had perfectly crisp crusts time and time again. The texture was chewy and the toppings were perfectly melted! Priced at $89 it doesn’t come cheap but, in this case, you get what you pay for.


Why do we Recommend the Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone?

It is no surprise that this pizza stone rated so highly seeing as Old stone are widely considered to be one of the best manufacturers of pizza stones on the market. We particularly liked the fact that the stone features eight circular feet which ensures that the stone is balanced on the oven rack. This means that you don't need to worry about your pizza toppings sliding off the pizza and dirtying your oven which happens with so many other pizza stones on the market. Finally, priced at just under $40 this is a durable product that is worth every cent.


Why Did We Compare the Love This Kitchen The Ultimate Rectangular Pizza Stone?

Aside from the shape which really stood out for us, we really enjoyed the fact that The Ultimate Rectangular Pizza Stone uses a patent-pending no-spill stopper. This means that the pizzas will never slide off the stone when trying to remove it from the over which is a common frustration for so many pizza stone users. What's more, the TermaShock technology means that you are able to place pizza dough onto the stone straight from the fridge as well as making frozen pizzas as crispy the homemade version. That, alongside the fact that this pizza stone costs just under $40 means that it is one of the most popular pizza stones on the market!


What Stands Out About Pizzacraft 15" Square ThermaBond Baking/ Pizza Stone?

Aside from the stylish beige coloring, we also loved how easy it is to care for the Pizzacraft 15" Square ThermaBond Baking/ Pizza Stone. Firstly, because of the impressive thermal shock technology, there is no need to soak the stone in water before use. In addition, you all you need to is run the stone under warm water once cooled whilst scrubbing with a brush. If you repeat this process after each use then you will have no problem with the stone's durability. Finally, priced at under $30, this pizza stone is best for those looking for a good quality pizza stone on a budget. 


What's Great About the Lodge 14 Inch Cast Iron Baking Pan?

All in all, this product is one of the best that we tested. We love the stylish yet practical loop handles that make it much easier to work with this kitchen device. What's more, it has great heat retention and is super durable thanks to the cast iron material. Another great aspect about this device is the fact that is seasoned with 100% vegetable oil as opposed to synthetic coating or chemicals. Therefore, the more you use the iron, the more effective the seasoning will become.


Why is The Black Ceramic Pizza Stone by Heritage Products a Good Option?

The Black Ceramic Pizza Stone by Heritage Products is without a doubt one of the best pizza stones that we tried. Not only does it bake pizzas to perfection, but the crust is crispy and the toppings remain soft. What's more, it heats up twice as quickly as other pizza stones on the market, is super easy to clean (saving you time) and comes with a lifetime warranty too! So, what are you waiting for?


Is the GOVOG Pizza Stone for Oven Good Value for Money? 

This pizza stone is made from cordierite material which ensures that the crust is delightfully crispy with every bite. It heats evenly meaning that it's not only great for pizza but great for baking cookies and bread too! We love that it works well with most kind of grills as well as indoor and outdoor BBQ ovens too. What's more, it comes with a cutter and a rack to making it even more convenient and time-saving too! Finally, it's durable and the perfect tool to provide filling, tasty meals for your family.


How to Make Pizza!

For many, pizza is a lifesaver. Not only does it take no time at all to bake to perfection but after a bad day, biting into that cheesy, crispy perfection can be the only thing to remind you exactly what is right in the world. Like with any cuisine, the home-made version is always the best and pizza fanatics seem to be for ever in debate about their all-time favorite recipe!

Although many claim to hold the key to the perfect pizza recipe, not many are aware of the ultimate tips. After many years of trial and error, we have discovered that no matter what recipe you use, one of the most crucial pieces to the puzzle is how much flour you add to the dough. So many times, we have seen people produce dough that seems to have a dried-out texture to it because they are adding too much flour. On the other hand, if you don't add enough flour, you'll produce a dough with a much gooier texture that also won't work.

However, with this recipe it's important to remember that less is actually more. It's important that you don't keep adding flour until the dough fails to be sticky as this could mean that your base will be too dry and crumbly. If the dough is sticking everywhere then you're doing a great job! Even if it sticks everywhere when you roll it out then this is actually a good sign. After all, once it rises it won't be as sticky and you will always be able to add a touch more flour to shape and roll it. Although it might take a bit of practice, it's definitely worth it!

pizza stone

All-purpose flour (6 cups)

Instant Yeast (3 teaspoons)

Salt (2 teaspoons)

Sugar (1/4 cup)

Vegetable oil (1/4 cup)

Warm water (2 1/2 cups)

Step 1: Combine water sugar and yeast and allow it to froth. If it doesn’t froth, toss the mixture and wait.

Step 2: Now it's time to combine the salt and the flour. Add it to the mixture slowly, around 1/2 a cup at a time.

Step 3: Once this is complete the dough should be slightly sticky. It is normal if it sticks to the sides of your mixer so simply scrape it away with a spatula. If you add more flour, make sure that it's only a pinch!

Step 4: Grease a large bowl with vegetable oil and scrape the dough into the bowl too.

Step 5: Grease your hands and turn the dough to ensure that it is covered in oil

Step 6: Cover the dough with a towel and allow it to rise until it has doubled in size.

Step 7: Sprinkle flour onto your work surface and start pulling the dough up and down on the surface. Using floured hands will make the process easier.

Step 8: Form a smooth ball on one side and turn the ball over so the top is smooth too.

Step 9: Divide the dough into 3 equal balls, roll them out and sprinkle with your favorite toppings!

This recipe will make 3 balls of dough but if you plan on only consuming 1 or 2 pizzas then you can refrigerate the dough until needed. However, it's important to ensure that you still make your pizza within 24 hours of making the dough as it will still continue to rise, even when refrigerated.

Finally, when baking your pizza, it's always best to use a pizza stone. On the whole, they are affordable and make a huge difference! Customers even claim to have used their pizza stone over 100 times and see results as good as they did on their first try!


Bottom Line

Pizza stones are great at handling extreme heats and producing evenly baked pizza as there are never any hotspots. There is no denying that investing in a pizza stone will enhance the way that you share a delicious homemade pizza with family and friends but which pizza stone to invest in is a different story. We chose The Original Ultra Conductive Pizza Stone from The Original Baking Steel as our Editor's Choice thanks to the fact that it stores up to 18x more energy than other ceramic pizza stones, allowing you to enjoy crispier crusts time and time again. Should you have any questions, please free to email us at any time! 

Don't yet have a mixer to prepare your dough? Check out our comparison of the best electric stand mixers for your kitchen!

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