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Up Your Pizza Game by Using the Best Pizza Cutter!

The Best Pizza Cutter

Did you know that pizza can be addictive?  Scientists from the University of Michigan conducted a study on the foods that cause the most "addictive-like eating." This study was conducted on 504 students and nearly all of the foods ranking as most addictive were highly processed foods. These foods were often higher in fat (which enhances palatability) and glycemic load (which is absorbed more rapidly, activating reward-related neurologic pathways). At the very top of the list of addictive foods was none other than pizza! Additionally, the casein in cheese releases a substance that stimulates opioid receptors in the body, which are involved in reward and addiction.

Bottom line: there's a scientific reason why we love the ooey-gooey cheesy goodness that is pizza! And with so many varieties to choose from, you can't really get bored. There are decisions to be made about size, crust thickness, crust type (thin, thick, whole wheat, gluten-free), and of course, the toppings! Given how addicting pizza is and how much of it we can easily find ourselves eating, there are some changes we can make to protect our health. For example, go heavy on the vegetable toppings which are high in flavor and fiber low in calories, and skip the extra cheese and meat toppings. Thin crust pizza will also cut down on how many calories you consume, and whole wheat flour provides more B vitamins and fiber than refined white flour. Portion control is also important! Try to stick to two slices of pizza and a side salad for your meal.

Making pizza at home can be a great family time activity or even a fun birthday party theme! It's not even that hard! You can buy pre-made dough or make it yourself in just a few simple steps. There are even recipes for cauliflower pizza dough now which sounds gross but actually isn't bad! Roll out your dough, top with sauce and cheese (preferably low fat) and go to town with your toppings! Then you just have to bake it and serve! To prevent impatience with the serving process, we recommend a good quality pizza cutter that will have you plating up slices quickly and easily.

Zyliss Pizza Wheel

The Zyliss Pizza Wheel has a red handle and round shape that will stand out among your other kitchen tools. Unlike wheel-type cutters featuring a long handle, the Zyliss pizza cutter has the sharp wheel sitting directly inside a semi-circle handle. This design results in greater control for the person cutting the pizza. It measures approximately 5-inches by 5.5-inches by 1-inch. Reviewers found that this pizza wheel cut easily through both thin and thick crusts. It is ergonomically designed to feel comfortable for both people who are right- and left-handed, which isn't always the case with cutters such as pizza scissors. Our testers found that it offered good leverage during the cutting process and were really pleased to find that the blade is removeable and dishwasher-safe! After all, none of us want to fight to remove hard melted cheese from a pizza cutter by hand once our bellies are full of delicious pizza!


Bottom Line

A good quality pizza cutter will make eating one of our favorite foods so much easier and effortless! We love the Zyliss Pizza Wheel for being comfortable, durable, and allowing us to cut pizza quickly with no muss or fuss! Pizza cutters don't have to be limited to cutting pizza, however. You can also use it to cut quesadillas, pastry dough, to cut spaghetti or pancakes into small pieces for kids, trim crust off of bread, make chopped salad, cut herbs, and more! This is one tool no kitchen should be without!

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