Best Office Gifts

By Kelly B. — Published February 13, 2018

Best Office Gifts

Looking for a thoughtful gift for your office co-workers? Well then, check out our list of 10 best office gifts that are both elegant and incredibly useful as well!

Desk organizer
Desk organizers don’t always have to be boring and mundane. You can take your pick from a wide range of quirky or sophisticated designs to match the personality of your colleague. Needless to say, desk organizers can be an extremely useful gift, especially for those who like to keep their workstations neat and tidy.

Customized coffee/beer mugs
While it might sound like a cliché, the tradition of gifting coffee mugs to co-workers never goes out of fashion. The reason is that there is always room for more mugs in your collection and there is always more coffee/beer to drink! For adding a more personal touch, you can get the mugs custom-printed with a quote or a personal message for your colleague.

Mini notebooks
A notebook always comes in handy when you are running around the office trying to take important notes from meetings, listing out your things to do, jotting down details of your appointments and so on. And what’s more! There is a wide variety of stylish mini pocket notebooks that you can get your hands on for a pretty reasonable price!

The cubicle basket
When you want to show your appreciation for a co-worker, there is no better way of doing it than surprising them with a fun hamper basket for their cubicle! It is just like your regular gift hampers, only that it has been designed keeping in mind the things that an employee would typically need while working in his or her cubicle. Throw in a bunch of thoughtful items including stationery, motivational posters, quirky paperweights, printed to-do lists and so on to create an interesting gift hamper for when you are unsure of what you really want to get them.

Given the fact that for most of us plastic money largely dominates our wallets, cardholders can be an incredible gift for co-workers. Both stylish and sophisticated, a cardholder can be extremely useful for your colleagues to keep their debit cards, credit cards, smart cards and even ids organized on the go.

A potted succulent
For all those people with a green thumb, a potted succulent plant is one of the best gifts that will truly delight them. Succulents can not only be an amazing accessory to instantly brighten up your colleague’s cubicle but also are extremely easy to maintain amidst the hectic office schedules.

Notepaper Roller
A contemporary take on the traditional notepad, this notepaper roller dispenses paper from a replaceable roll and is very convenient to use in the office environment. A useful and unique office gift indeed!

A mini zen garden
What with the overwhelming stress of board meetings, client calls, and project deadlines, a mini zen garden to grace their desk can be exactly the thing that your co-worker or boss needs to transform their cubicle into a tranquil retreat they can happily retire to.

Wine infused coffee
Surprise your coffee enthusiast colleagues with this exotic gift of love and appreciation from distant coffee producing lands!

Collar touch up and travel iron
If your establishment calls for the 'crisp suit and tie' tradition, then this multipurpose travel iron is the perfect tool for your co-worker to be meeting-ready all day. Easy to tuck inside a desk, the iron offers you a total of six heat settings to keep your denim, linens, and silks crease-free on-the-go!

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