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The Best Nursing Pillows

The Best Nursing Pillows

Adjusting to life with a baby can be hard, and we love anything that can make the transition a little easier. Nursing comes with a learning curve, such as getting baby to latch, learning his hunger cries (versus dirty diaper cries), and finding a comfortable position for both you and your little one during feeding. Many veteran moms and lactation experts say that using a nursing pillow can help with achieving a comfortable position during breastfeeding sessions.

A nursing pillow can raise the height of the baby to meet your breasts. It also can provide stabilization of baby during feeding. Nursing pillows can be used both by single babies and by twins.  Some moms will multipurpose the nursing pillow and use it to prop baby up for tummy time or even as a cushion on the bed or sofa. They can be used to support baby during bottle feeding. Nursing pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics, and with different fillings. There is no one size fits all for nursing pillows, since women's bodies are shaped differently. Nevertheless, we've compiled a list of reviewers' favorite nursing pillows to help you find the right one for you!

Winner: Boppy Luxe

The Boppy is almost synonymous with nursing pillows. It's C-shape design fits snugly around mom's torso to provide greater stabilization during feeding. The C-shape also makes it perfect for growing with your baby from tummy time to propping up while sitting. Both the pillow and the slipcover are machine washable. The Boppy Luxe differs from the Boppy Classic in that one side has a soft "minky" fabric while the other is a cotton blend. You can decide which side works better for your baby's comfort. It is easy to place around the body one-handed, which is important when you're also trying to hold onto your precious little one.


Organic Choice: Blessed Nest Nesting Pillow

Blessed Nest offers a Nesting Pillow that is certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).  The Blessed Nest Nesting Pillow comes in a quarter-moon shape that doesn't tightly wrap around the body the way some other nursing pillows do. You can still get a good shape and fit going on for both you and baby, however, thanks to the unique buckwheat hull filling. Though the interior can be moved, it is firm enough that it doesn't shift under baby in a way that would cause him or her to sink. The buckwheat hull filling does make this pillow on the heavy side, despite its smaller size. The removable cover is machine washable, however the pillow itself should only be spot cleaned. This is because water can cause the buckwheat hulls to take on an oatmeal-consistency, which is not something you want! Reviewers love being able to contour this pillow and that it is 100% organic.


Best for Twins: Twin Z Pillow

If you're a parent to twins, the Twin Z Pillow is the nursing pillow for you! Sometimes your twins will want to be fed at the same time, in which case you either need two single nursing pillows, which don't always fit comfortably together, or you can go with the twin pillow option. It looks like a rounded M, capital E, or double-C shape. The positioning of this pillow actually takes pressure off of your stomach, which is great since moms of multiples often have C-sections. Since twins are often born small, the buckle can be used to stabilize them in the pillow for bottle feeding as well if mom doesn't want to wrap it around herself. The cover is waterproof, which is great news since the pillow itself is not machine washable. This means that leaks won't soak through to stain the pillow. The removable cover is machine washable for easy cleaning.


Most Stability: My Brest Friend

The My Brest Friend pillow offers the most structure and support out of all of the nursing pillows we reviewed. This nursing pillow wraps completely around mom's body. It has an adjustable strap that buckles together to stay in place as mom shifts or even stands. The cotton cover is not the softest so some people cover it with a soft blanket. The slipcover is machine washable, but the pillow itself is not (spot clean only) which can be annoying in terms of any spills that leak through. This pillow is not so versatile as compared to other nursing pillows, so once you're done nursing you likely won't be able to put it to any other use. Additionally, keep in mind that the buckle system makes it hard to get on one-handed, so it's easiest to use if you have some help. That being said, the firmness and support can't be beat!


Bottom Line

The Boppy Luxe scored highest among reviewers as the best nursing pillow to have thanks to its C-shape design which feels stable around mom yet can still be put in place with one hand. Reviewers also love that both the cover and the pillow itself are machine-washable, the variety of interchangeable slipcovers, and the pillow's versatility. Our runner-up nursing pillow is the Blessed Nest Nesting Pillow, which is 100% organic and has a unique buckwheat hull filling. The Twin Z Pillow is a must-have for moms of multiples. Finally, My Brest Friend offered the most stability and support out of all of the nursing pillows reviewed.

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