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Best Muscle Gainers To Develop Lean Muscle!

Muscle Gainers Reviewed:

Gaining muscle isn’t as simple as it sounds.  Not only do you need to lift like crazy, you need to up your calorific intake too in order to ensure your body has enough energy to convert into muscle.  As the world is becoming more and more body conscious with topics like 'weight gains' trending all over social media, there are a more and more products on the market that will help you to gain mass fast.  Committing to a new supplement can be intimidating, especially if your knowledge on muscle building and the best way to bulk up is minimal so lucky for you, we're here to help.  Before you embark on our review of the best muscle gainers, you need to know the basics. Muscle gainers are a great addition to any healthy routine but only if you chose the right product for you. In order to gain mass, you need to ensure that your muscle gainers contain one or more of the following; protein powder, creatine, amino acids, multi-vitamins, mineral supplements and more.  If we haven’t scared you off yet then read on to find out more! 

Optimum Nutrition: Pro Gainer Weight Gainer Protein Powder

A common misconception with muscle gainers is that they are only effective if they have a high number of calories per serving.  Not all calories hold equal importance when gaining muscle so we weren’t put off by the fact that this mass gainer has just 650 calories per serving, as Optimum Nutrition are known for knowing their stuff. We found the sodium count to be high which is known for leading to excess fat gain as well as muscle gain. Testers didn’t notice this but it's important to be aware of the sodium count before you start using the product to avoid unwanted fat starting to appear.  What's more, the almost optimum carb to protein ratio, at 1.4:1, unsurprisingly caused testers to notice results after a short amount of time and reviewers were impressed that they started seeing a gain in lean mass in as little time as just over a week.  It's super easy to use and you won't need to do more than mix this product with a blender, shaker or spoon!  One reviewer even claimed that Optimum Nutrition provides consumers with the best flavor combinations out of all the protein powders on the market. We received the least negative feedback about this Optimum Nutrition product in comparison to other muscle gainers however some were disappointed that the suggested serving size was different to the size of the serving spoon which they found to be slightly irritating.  However, once you are aware of this fact, we would recommend adding an additional 1/4 of a spoon which won't affect the results whatsoever.  It costs just under $70 for 10 lbs of product making it great value for money, especially when considering the minimal side effects and the impressive results.  If you're looking for a convenient and tasty product that really does work then this is for you!   



Mutant Mass: Muscle Mass Gainer

The Mutant Mass Gainer is a protein powder that helps to create muscle fast.  In order to whole heartedly benefit from this product, it needs to be taken in addition to normal meals.  When wanting to build muscle, a common misconception is needing to avoid carbs however the Mutant Mass formula contains carbs derived from starch and healthy fats that digest easily.  Testers commented that out of all the muscle gainers they tested, this one has the most impressive texture as it mixes well without creating a gritty feel when consumed.  It focuses on repairing muscle cells with its 32g of branch chain amino acids.  At just over $45 for 5lbs this is slightly high end in terms of cost however on the whole testers claimed that it was worth it as they did see a difference in terms of lean muscle gain.  Unfortunately, there is 38g of sugar per serving which not only makes the product less appealing in terms of taste but also in terms of health.  Nevertheless, other testers didn’t find the product overly sweet and raved about the variety of tasty flavors including cookies and cream and tripe chocolate.  The Mutant Mass Gainer is an easy way to absorb more calories in order to build mass but it also helps you recover quickly. Unfortunately, like with most supplements, some of our testers did report side effects.  These included feelings of being uncomfortably constipated and bloated.  Testers also didn’t like how the best results from this powder where when they mixed it in a blender as it was time consuming and inconvenient to clean.  Other protein powders we tested were fine in a shaker or with a spoon. 


Cytosport: Monster Massive Nutritional Drink

Cytopsport are a renowned supplement brand and we were excited to see if their Monster Massive Nutritional Drink really does live up to their great reputation. The enzymes found in the Monster Mass ensure that the proteins are free-from amino acid and small peptide chains to ensure maximum absorption. The list of ingredients includes a mix of fast and slow proteins which help the body create an “anabolic window” that lasts for hours, meaning that your body will be working to build muscle for longer.  It is 98% lactose free making it generally easier to process than other muscle gainers on the market which is an additional plus.  This product is of a good quality however at just under $90 it comes at a hefty price.  Testers were dissapointed that they needed to break their bank balance in order to make a difference to their bodies.  Some reviewers were pleased that that they didn’t feel side effects that they felt with other muscle gainers they tried however others did complain of stomach aches and light queasiness. In addition, some didn't have a problem blending the powder but others said that it had a rather chalky texture and took them longer to digest.  It comes in 5 different flavors including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and hardly any reviewers complained about the taste however some noticed a nasty aftertaste.  What's more, it doesn't have the awful smell that comes with some protein powders.  Testers claimed to seeing drastic results with this product, one even claiming that they had put on 6lbs of muscle since they started testing! For those that are looking for a muscle gainer and money isn't an option then this is the product for you!



Bottom Line:

All of the muscle gainers that we reviewed should be consumed alongside a healthy eating and hydration plan in order to ensure you remain healthy and build muscle in the way that’s best for your body in the long term.  After considering a variety of muscle gainers on the market, we found Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Weight Gainer Protein Powder won the top spot from us.  Not only did testers see great results after using the product but also commented the product itself was high quality due to the low fat, sugar and cholesterol levels.  What's more, they loved the great taste and loved that Optimum Nutrition ensure that their customers consume the ideal carb to protein ratio. 

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