The Best Make Up Primers You Need to Achieve Flawless Skin! Updated October, 2020

'Priming' before applying foundation has become a must amongst make up artists and ammeters alike. Primers help your skin appear blemish-free whilst also providing a base to keep your foundation in place all day. With so many primers on the market the amount of choice can be overwhelming, which is why we spent hours researching the BEST make-up primers around to save you time and money!

Why Does Research Matter?

Not only do make up primers provide us with blemish-free skin, users will also see a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and oily patches. Convinced? Perfect! Now all you need to do is decide which make up primer best suits your needs. Primers come in a wide range of tones and consistencies that aim to combat different skin problems such as redness, acne, dull complexions and keep foundation on for longer. Not only do primers target different complexions but they also range in price and packaging too. Read our comparison of the best primers on the market to keep your skin just the way you like it, all-day long.

Why is the NARS Cosmetics Beauty Smooth & Protect Primer Broad Spectrum Our Editor's Choice?

Pricing up at just under $55 for 1oz of product it has a higher impact on your bank balance than other primers we compared here but oh is it worth it! This product is lightweight and brightens skin without leaving an oily residue which is something that beauty experts understand to be important. In addition, it blends quickly and easily making makeup application a breeze. The product is suitable for all skin types, particularly combination skin, and leaves skin looking revitalized and awake. Finally, the packaging looks as luxurious as it feels so if it fits your budget then this NARS primer is the one for you.


Why You Need Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Face Primer

After application, liquid foundation will last noticeably longer and will appear noticeably smoother, probably down to the inclusion of silicone in the ingredients. We loved the slick black packaging as well as the fact that the primer comes with a pump. This means that it will comes into less contact with sunlight and oxygen and in turn, means that there is less chance of the product drying out or being damaged. What's more, the pump allows for less wastage and less mess which is an added bonus. Finally, at just under $40 for 1oz of product, it's great value for money for such an impressive product!


What Stands Out About The Delicate Caress Cosmetics Silky Skin Smoothing Foundation Primer

After applying The Delicate Caress Cosmetics Silky Skin Smoothing Foundation Primer, you'll see instant results. It nicely fills fine lines helping your skin to appear fresher, younger and smoother thanks to the primer's anti-caking properties. It is absorbed quickly, feels lightweight and will not leave you with a greasy film like with so many other primers on the market. What's more, priced at $38 for 1oz of product (and the pump) it is excellent value for money. If you're looking for a primer for aging skin then the Silky Skin Smoothing Foundation Primer is for you!



Why Should You Invest in The DHC Velvet Skin Coat Primer?

For those with sensitive skin, it can be frustrating that so many primers on the market are lightly fragranced. Fortunately, the DHC Velvet Skin Coat is both fragrance and dye free meaning that it won't strip your skin of natural oils making it feel dry and tight. Priced at $22.50 for just over 0.5oz of product, it is one of slightly more expensive primers on the market however it really is worth every cent. Thanks to its deep moisturizing properties, this primer can also be used without foundation to give your skin a smoother glow as well as on your hands and neck to keep them both supple and hydrated.


Bottom Line

Makeup primers create the perfect base for makeup application whilst keeping your skin looking cleaner, fresher, smoother and younger which is why it is a must in every girl's makeup bag. As skin types vary from person to person, it would be a shame if makeup primers were created in the same way. Thankfully, makeup primers vary in texture, color, skin suitability and of course, price. At the end of the day, your priority should be to find a makeup primer that works for you and thanks to our comparison of the best primers on the market, this shouldn’t be a problem. We chose the NARS Cosmetics Beauty Smooth & Protect Primer Broad Spectrum as our Editor's choice due to its instant effectiveness, texture and SPF protection. Try it today for flawless makeup perfection!

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