Best Jobs Right Out Of College

By — Published October 03, 2017

Best Jobs Right Out Of College

While a lot of people believe that a bachelor’s degree won’t land you a good paying job, the market argues otherwise. The truth is that a certificate doesn’t count as much as it did a few years back. Today, the market requires industrious, hard-working and passionate people.

There are plenty of careers you can pursue without having to go to grad school, and the best part is that they pay extremely well even at the entry level. Of course, pay will increase with experience, but you can make big bucks even when you’re right out of college with these jobs.

  • Investment banker

    Investment banking is one of the most high-paying jobs available when you’re fresh out of college, if you’re willing to put in long hours of hard work. Especially in the first few years, it will take tons of sweat and tears amidst high competition but the lucrative pay makes it all worthwhile.

    Average annual pay: $73,000

  • Engineer

    Whether electrical, chemical, nuclear, aerospace or in any other field, engineering is one of the most well-paid and respected jobs. Even though a more advanced degree will definitely earn you more money, a bachelor’s degree still pays pretty decently. Having good people skills apart from technical knowledge is a great bonus.

    Average annual pay: $67,000

  • Pilot/co-pilot or flight engineer

    With a bachelor’s degree in aviation, aeronautical engineering or aircraft operations, you can become a pilot/co-pilot or flight engineer. You need a few months of ground training and 1500 hours of flight experience to be employable to transport passengers or cargo.

    Average annual pay: $65,770

  • Software applications developer

    Software applications development is a smart career choice because the app industry is growing rapidly year by year and will continue to do so. There is also a lot of room for growth in all aspects as software engineers have to keep updating themselves with latest trends, while it is common for those who joined on entry level to move to more senior positions within a few years.

    Average annual pay: $52,000

  • Human Resources Manager

    Those who work in the field of human resource management are employed by companies in all industries to oversee their recruitment, interview, selection and hiring procedures. It HR managers are one of the most well paid people in the market who do not require a master’s degree.

    Average annual pay: $102,780

  • Financial Analyst/Manager

    If math is your strong point and you have good communication skills, being a financial analyst/manager could be a smart career choice for you when you’re newly graduated. Be ready to prepare financial reports, develop financial strategies and plans and direct investment decisions.

    Average annual pay: $66,000

  • Public Relations Manager

    The field of public relations has been a vibrant and high-paying industry, but the benefits do not come free of cost. You will need to have excellent social and communication skills, crisis management skills and will have to be able to work under pressure.

    Average annual pay: $72,660

  • Marketing and Advertising

    Marketing and advertising are great career choices for those who are enterprising and love to challenge themselves. Specifically, the field of internet/digital marketing has grown exponentially and anyone with a job in this field has a bright future ahead.

    Average annual pay: $67,000

  • Web Designer

    With the digital revolution in the business world, the need for web designers is now higher than ever. High quality and user- friendly websites are in demand and will continue to be, and the only people who can deliver this are web designers. A degree in marketing or computer science is ideal, but an extensive portfolio is more impressive.

    Average annual pay: $58,000

  • Nurse

    Nursing is a fulfilling career path to take. Not only does it pay well and offers job stability as nurses will always be in demand, it also gives you the opportunity to help other people in need. The starting salaries may vary, but they are usually decent. If you have a caring and social personality or are generally altruistic, nursing may be the right choice for you.

    Average annual pay: $47,000

  • General and operations manager

    A general and operations manager is one of the most well-paid jobs in the corporate world that you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree. You will be in charge of planning, executing, directing, coordinating and overseeing the operations of the company you work for, whether public or private.

    Average annual pay: $80,000

  • High school teacher

    You can enter the teaching career right after college by becoming a high school teacher. Although the pay varies widely depending on the subject, degree and experience, even entry-level pay is not all that bad. Plus, being a teacher has its perks like long summer holidays.

    Average annual pay: $45,000

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