The Best Heart Rate Monitors Reviewed

The Best Heart Rate Monitors Reviewed

It's no surprise that most Americans don't get enough exercise. Physical activity offers many benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, improving mood, and of course, weight loss. However, in many cases people don't track their progress and get frustrated once their desired results are slow to arrive. A heart rate monitors (HRM) is a great and basic tool that can help you keep tabs of your workout performance, whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete. Exercising with an HRM makes you aware of how you react to different workout intensities and helps you become a better judge of your cardio tolerance and limitations.

Given all these great benefits, HRMs are engineered in different shapes and forms therefore we selected the best ones we believe have the highest quality and durability. When choosing a heart rate monitor, there are several factors to consider. First, you want to consider the monitor type. For example, is it a chest strap monitor or a wrist-based one? Choose one that will be comfortable for you that also suits the type of your preferred activity. You should also consider the accuracy of the device as well as additional functions they may possess. Finally, price is always a factor to think about. Gear up your cardio workout and achieve your desired fitness goals with the most suitable HRM for you!

Waterproof HRM: Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Strap

To get the optimal heart rate accuracy, it is recommended to purchase a monitor that's in close proximity to your chest. Polar's H10 heart rate monitor straps perfectly to your body. It's great for underwater sport activities and high intensity cardio activities thanks to its slip preventing silicon material. This is the first Polar HRM containing an internal memory that is able to record 65 hours of training! To those who enjoy more extreme activities, the H10 is compatible with the GoPro Hero 5 camera which can also overlay your heart rate data onto the recorded video! Reviewers were very impressed with the accurate readings and that it's waterproof! One user notes that she regularly takes it swimming without any problems and that it's greatly improved her performance in the pool. It is compatible with different apps to give you even more bang for your buck!

HRM With Sun Protection: LifeBEAM's Smart Hat HRM

LifeBEAM's Smart Hat comes with a built-in HRM, an original novelty that's able to track your fitness performance for athlete runners and beginners. Its one of the most accurate devices that measures heart rate, cadence and calories via your forehead. It provides runners the ability to accurately measure their performance without the constraints of a chest strap or wristbands. We also love that it's compatible with all weather conditions, so no need to leave at home just because the sun isn't shining! The LifeBEAM smart hat is powered by Bluetooth and ANT+ technology that are compatible with your favorite fitness apps and devices. It has a great unisex design that is lightweight and Velcro adjustable which fashionably fits almost any workout garment. It also includes a micro USB charging cable for 15 hours of continuous use. This is a great solution that frees of a chest straps and wristbands. Reviewers are unanimous that this heart monitor hat is comfortable, breathable and fashionable for a great workout experience!


HRM Headphones: JBL Under Armour Headphone Heart Rate Monitor

The JBL UA headphone HRM delivers your favorite music while tracking your heart rate performance. Users find this HRM comfortable to use due to its ergonomic design that securely hugs their ear, promising comfort and durability. Other than the list of JBL's cool signature features, this product is ideal for various cardio activities because it provides the most accurate heart rate measurement as its sensor are stably engineered into one of the earphones and moving around won't disturb its data collection as you move. Under Armour (UA) extended its sport-headphones category to the next level by including a heart rate monitor to efficiently help you achieve your fitness goals! These UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones include a touch sensor for spoken on-demand heart rate that can also be connected to UA Record™ app, your workout log to receive performance feedback. You will find them Ipx5 sweat proof, ergonomically engineered eartips in different sizes, guaranteed to never hurt or fall. 


Fitness Tracker HRM: Forerunner 735XT Sports Watch

The Forerunner 735XT was perfectly designed for runners and triathlon athletes. It will provide you with HR zone training to help you better understand how hard you are working during training! It includes the Elevate™ heart rate technology for the most accurate HR reading through your wrist. It is also able to record your heart rate while swimming. Moreover, it's able to rank your total activity efforts as well as analyze your heart rate performance! This model is great for athletes who want an in-depth overview of their performance. Reviewers love all of the data tracked with this HRM/athletic watch: it records your heart rate during high intensity workouts, and broadcast HR data over Bluetooth and ANT+ paired devices. This advanced watch includes GPS, GLONASS, compass, accelerometer and other cool features to take your activity analysis to the next level!  


Bottom Line

Measuring your heart rate is undoubtedly one of the more efficient methods to analyze your fitness performance! Therefore, it is recommended to choose a quality HRM that will be convenient for you based on your preferred sports. Choosing your HRM is really a matter of personal preference, but our personal favorite based on research and reviewer feedback is the Polar H10. Our recommendations include a variety of different types of HRMs measured through either wrist, chest, forehead, or ears. We chose to present the most comfortable, durable, and reliable HR devices so you can make the most informed decisions that well suits your fitness goals.    

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