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Swing Yourself to Serenity with the Best Hammocks

The Best Hammocks for Your Yard

A recent poll found that eight out of ten Americans are affected by stress at some point each day. People feel stress for a variety of reasons, and we can all use a breather sometimes to calm down. One of our favorite ways to destress is to relax in a gently swinging hammock. We can feel the tension melting just by imagining swaying in the warm summer breeze, nothing but leaves and gorgeous skies overhead.

You can choose a hammock to set up in your backyard, or a more lightweight, portable one to take camping, on picnics, and to your favorite music festival. Durability will likely matter to you no matter what. Hammocks usually have different weight capacities. Some come with suspension straps, stands, quilted covers, and other accessories while others require you to make these extra purchases on your own. Comfort is key, or else you're not going to be able to relax or sleep in your hammock.  Fabric pattern and aesthetics can play a role in the decision-making process – you don't want to set up something in your backyard that is going to be an eyesore!

Most Portable: ENO SingleNest Hammock

If you're looking for a more portable hammock to take camping or even set up under a beach canopy at the seashore, look no further than the ENO SingleNest Hammock. This hammock is for solo lounging, which results in it being incredibly lightweight; it weighs only 16 ounces! This hammock is made from 70 Denier high tenacity nylon taffeta, which is not only durable but also breathable. It dries quickly so washing it or leaving it out during a rain shower won't result in long waits before you can use it again. The stitching is triple interlocked, which again results in greater durability and peace of mind for you. In fact, while this hammock may be small and lightweight, it still can support weights of up to 400 pounds. It comes with aluminum wiregate carabiners that feel quite strong and nautical grade line to attach it to trees. It does not come with compression straps, so you'll want to make sure you have some on hand for setup. Reviewers love the wide variety of colors and how easy it is to clean since it can be thrown in the washing machine!



Most Comfortable: Lazy Daze 55" Double Quilted Hammock

This Lazy Daze hammock is an incredibly comfortable choice for lazing the summer days away. That's because it's made with a double-layered quilted polyester with inner polyester padding and a polyethylene stuffing head pillow. If you don't want to use the pillow, you can untie it and put it aside. The hammock bed measures 78 inches by 55 inches with an overall length of 141 inches, so two adults can fit comfortably in it or multiple kids. It can support weights up to 450 pounds total. The ropes are handcrafted polyester and strong enough for you to feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, a hammock stand doesn't come with this hammock so you'll have to buy one separately. It does come with two steel S hooks and two 13.4-inch-long chains to hang between two trees, however. Reviewers found it simple to set up alone. The hammock weighs 12.3 pounds. The hammock fabric is UV-resistant, and the pillow is weather and fade-resistant. Because of the quilting, if it rains it absorbs the water and can take longer to dry out, so you may want to cover it or take it inside if you're expecting a thunderstorm. The hardwood spreader bar has an attractive oil-rubbed finish to it. Reviewers found the natural cream color to be both aesthetically-pleasing and added relaxation factor, reminding one of lying on a beach in Tahiti. You can easily wipe it clean with a damp towel.  Lazy Daze offers a 1-year warranty on their hammocks.



Most Variety: Vivere Double Hammock with Steel Stand

The Vivere Double Hammock comes with a stand and is perfect for backyards. The hammock bed size is 63 inches by 94 inches (130 inches overall), perfect for sharing! The heavy duty steel stand measures 9 feet. Happily, it isn't difficult to put together yourself, and you don't even need any tools. The hammock is made out of 100% cotton and available in a variety of colors and patterns. The cotton is very breathable, so it feels amazingly comfortable in hot weather. If you aren't interested in cotton, you can also choose polyester or Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric is UV, water, stain, and mildew-resistant so it's a good choice particularly if you live in a rainy area of the country such as Florida. The benefit of polyester is that it is fade-resistant, and it also resist mildew. If it gets dirty, you can just sponge it off. The cotton version and Sunbrella version can both be washed by hand. The stand isn't too heavy, weighing in at 35 pounds, so reviewers were able to easily maneuver it to a position they liked. The hammock comes with a carrying case so you can easily store it and the stand if you would like to in winter months or for moving. This hammock has a 450-pound weight limit. It comes with a 1-year warranty.


Bottom Line

The ENO SingleNest Hammock is a reviewer favorite. This ultra-portable hammock can travel with you anywhere or you can leave it in your backyard – the choice is yours. It comes in bright colors, is durable, and machine-washable. It also has an amazing 2-year warranty. Our runner up pick is the Lazy Daze 55" Double Quilted Hammock which is the most comfortable hammock we tested thanks to its quilted, padded surface. Reviewers also love the chic cream color. We also couldn't resist recommending the Vivere Double Hammock which conveniently comes with a steel stand. It is comfortable, durable, and you get a variety of fabric material choices as well as colors. It's officially time to destress, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous outdoors!

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