The 10 Best Hair Accessories For Women

The 10 Best Hair Accessories that Every Woman Should Own

Where's the fun of having long hair if you never do anything with it? Heck, even short-haired women can get in on the action with our favorite cute and useful hair accessories. Using hair accessories a great way to upgrade your look and it doesn't even need to take much effort or time on your part. It's also a great way to get your hair off your neck in warmer seasons so you can cool off! Many women report feeling more confident and beautiful when they take the time to make their hair look good.

People have been styling their hair for ages. In fact, the oldest known depiction of braiding hair goes back to 30,000 years ago! Between the time of the Roman Empire until the Middle Ages, most women grew their hair as long as it would naturally grow, and would create elaborate, complicated ways of styling it.  With these must-have hair accessories, styling can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. Read on for the products we can't live without!

Premium Bob Pins

You can never have too many bobby pins! These MetaGrip Premium Bob Pins come in a case of 300. They represent a patented Japanese technology and a secure, rubbery grip that will keep your pins firmly in place in your hair. These bobby pins feature durable tips and are rust-resistant. Each pin is about 2-inches long, similar to standard sized bobby pins. Reviewers consistently declared these "the best bobby pins ever!" The container keeps them organized so you'll be less likely to lose them over time.


No Crease Ponytail Holders

Love putting your hair up in a ponytail but hate the telltale crease afterwards? Then you need these No Crease Ponytail Holders! People with both thin and thick hair will love them, according to reviewers! Each hair tie in this package has been hand-dyed, knotted, and heat-sealed to prevent fraying at the ends. They measure approximately 3" inches flat with a 1" tail. They feel gentle to wear without tugging the way traditional elastic ponytail holders do. You can wash them by hand if desired, and you can also choose to wear them as bracelets or even anklets!


BLOM Original Multi-Style Headband

These headbands are great because you can wear it in a variety of ways, meaning that it never gets boring! It is made of comfortable, sweat-wicking material so it's also a smart choice for keeping your hair out of the way during sports and yoga.  You can wear it wide, folded, pleated in front, and even use it to cover your ears on cold days. It features a moveable knot and is available in more than two dozen colors. Each headband is handmade in an ethical manner by a small team in Bali. Reviewers like that it doesn't slip off but still isn't too tight. BLOM boasts that you can wear their headband in 14 different styles. It measures 9.5 inches by 6 inches.


Spiral Hair Pins

Remember sticking Number 2 pencils in your hair? Upgrade to a chicer option with these stylish Spiral Hair Pins! These natural wooden hair sticks are hand carved from the Indian Rosewood tree, which has been sustainably harvested from Rosewood plantations. You can wind your hair around it and pin it in place, use them to create a fashionable bun, and more! These timeless wooden hair pins feature a beautiful wide cut spiral at the tops. It comes in a two piece set, and each measures 7.5 inches long.  


Tree of Life Hair Slide

This hair slide is perfect for any occasion! Crafted in Dublin, Ireland, it features the Celtic tree of life which the Irish believed protected and provided nourishment to all of the corners of the earth, with branches that reached into heaven and touched every star. The silver plated hair slide comes with a wooden pin and works well with even thin hair. The tree of life barrette piece measures 2.25 inches by 1.75 inches, and the wooden pin measures 4.75 inches long. Reviewers found it very attractive and of good quality.


Roman Goddess Leaf Branch Headband

Let your inner goddess shine with a Roman Goddess Leaf Branch Headband! You can wear this accessory daily but it's also elegant enough to wear for dressy occasions, such as weddings. The main "branch" of this headband is smooth and slim-cut, with gold leaves securely attached on top. Each leaf is 1.18 inches wide and the headband itself measures 5.5 inches by 4.72 inches. Reviewers loved how pretty they felt in this headband, though one notes that if you have a very large head it may feel tight.


Nike Swoosh Sport Headbands

If you're looking to tame your flyaways, keep your hair in place, and look stylish while working out, check out these Nike Swoosh Sport Headbands. They come in a pack of six, each one a different color: red, blue, lime, pink, white, and black. In other words, you'll always be able to match one with your outfit! Each one features the Nike Swoosh logo as well. Reviewers love the jaquarded elastic band keeps the headband secure on your head so that it won't slip during workouts.


Doughnut Bun Shapers

To achieve the perfect, full-looking, doughnut-shaped bun, try out a doughnut bun shaper! We like this set because it comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. The small is around 2-inches in diameter, the medium is approximately 3 inches in diameter, and the large is about 3.75 inches in diameter. You can easily watch a tutorial on YouTube to see how to use them. Reviewers boast that they achieved beautiful buns in just a couple of minutes, even on the first try!


Cat Hair Clip

If you're a fan of felines, this is the perfect hair clip for you. This adorable silver hair clip is shaped like a cat's face! This hairclip is handmade and features a pearl nose and cute little whiskers! It measures 1.2 inches by 0.5 inches by 0.6 inches and weighs 0.64 ounces. This hair clip is so unique and cute, everyone is going to be asking you where you got it! 


Golden Bee Hair Clips

You'll be buzzing about these golden been hairpins! They come in a two piece set. You can choose to wear them both on one side of your head or one on each side. These alloy pins measure 3.1 by 0.2 by 1.2 inches. You'll look beautiful whether you accessorize with them in a casual setting, such as running weekend errands, or if you wear them to work. 


Bottom Line

There is simply no reason to give up on your hair and leave it styled the same way, day after day. Spruce up your look with our favorite hair accessories, and people will see you in a whole different way! Whether you want to look sporty, elegant, or just add a special, unique elemant to your hair, we've got accessories that will help you achieve it! Be prepared, because everyone's going to want to know where you got your hair accessories and how to create the same look!

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