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The best foot spa review! Whether you've got tired, aching feet or you just want to do something nice for yourself to relax, a foot spa is a great tool to incorporate into your regimen. Though foot spas don't seem like something that has been innovated lately, there are now more foot Spas then ever before. With brands launching new features and capabilities to foot Spas, how do you pick the best foot Spa for your budget? We invested hours investigating, researching, reviewing and analyzing the best foot spas out there to bring you a list of recommendations that you can trust. Read our BEST foot Spa review below for more details:

Why Does Research Matter?

The human foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and over a hundred ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Think of how much we put our feet through on a daily basis – they take us everywhere we want to go, and they support our body weight while we stand. Common foot problems can include arthritis, calluses, and other issues that can cause discomfort. Using a foot spa can help to relieve any pain and soothe your stress away. There are many different models to choose from with different features, such as ones that massage your feet as well versus those that just offer a soak. We've researched the competition and whittled down the list to these top picks.

What Do We Love About the Gideon Luxury Foot Spa?

The Gideon Luxury Foot Spa provides an upscale foot spa experience with a tub that's deep enough to even soak your ankles. You can use it with bath salts and essential oils for aromatherapeutic benefits. There is a total of four water jets that provide relaxing bubbles to your toes, heels, and ankles. Blue LED lights are supposed to add to your relaxation experience, as color psychology shows that blue promotes feelings of calm and help stress melt away. Two motorized rollers and four standard rollers thoroughly massage the soles of your tired feet.


Why Do We Recommend the Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa?

You're certain to enjoy a luxuriating experience with the Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa. The water heats quickly up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and maintains the temperature over time. The two water jets are invigoratingly powerful. Combined with the hot water, the result is relaxation, relief of tight muscles, and increased circulation. There are also rotating jets with two adjustable speeds so you can customize your massage experience. Rub your arches over the two rolling nodes – it feels so good!

 How Did the Ivation Foot Spa Massager Stand Out?

The Ivation Foot Spa Massager includes multiple features that will relieve your sore feet in no time! The water heats up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, which is incredibly soothing and helps to relieve any swelling in your feet. It includes multiple water jets to provide intense bubbling action that will hit all of the right points in your feet to soothe and relax them. There are two motorized massage rollers that will feel great against the soles of your feet, whether you just worked out or you simply had a long day.   



Why Should You Consider Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa?

Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa offers features that users enjoy. For a budget-friendly price, this foot spa offers options such as a rolling massager, which sits in the center area of the foot spa. You can alternate rolling your feet across it for a soothing massage. Bubbles provide an extra nice sensation as you soak your troubles away. After you fill the tub with warm water, the Smart Heat system helps to maintain the water temperature for you.


Why Will You Want to Soak Your Feet in the HoMedics Foot Salon?

The HoMedics Foot Salon is a heated home foot spa with features that will soothe your tired and aching feet. You can fill it with cold water and it will heat to a temperature of 98 degrees within a matter of minutes. The massage features and pedicure attachments will result in your feet feeling soft and relaxed.



How Did the Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa Make Our List?

The Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa provides a unique home foot spa experience thanks to the waterfall feature. The buttons can be activated by your toes so there is no need to bend down. Add warm water and the heating feature will maintain the temperature just the way you like it for a good 15 minutes.


What Does the Kendal Foot Spa Offer?

The Kendal Foot Spa offers a thoroughly relaxing foot spa experience. Luxuriate in the hot water while taking advantage of the massage rollers and nodes. There are three pre-set programs to choose from to provide heat therapy, oxygen bubbles, and high-frequency vibration. The drain hose makes emptying the water afterward convenient.


Why Will You Appreciate the Kendal Foot Bath Massager?

The Kendal Foot Bath Massager features special rolling massagers for deep tension release in your feet. When you’re not in the mood and just want to soak, you can always remove the rollers and set aside! It uses a PTC semiconductor heating system to get your water hot. It also offers bubbles and vibration.


What Will Draw You to the Belmint Foot Spa Massager?  

The Belmint Foot Spa Massager will help you unwind and relax at the end of a long day thanks to its many desirable features. The heating semiconductor will get your water as hot as 118 degrees, which will stop any aches and throbbing foot pain in its tracks. The LCD screen and buttons are intuitive and easy to use.


What Will Excite You About the Comfortology Foot Spa?

The Comfortology Foot Spa brings the spa experience straight to your home. This 780 Watt motor controls the heating element and massaging features. Even men with up to size 10.5 feet can enjoy soaking their feet in this tub! The four massaging rollers can provide you with a deep massage that will relieve all of your aches and pains.


How to Choose a Home Foot Spa

Most of us don’t give much thought to our feet and all that we put them through on a daily basis. Each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and over a hundred muscles, ligaments, and tendons. All of these parts work together to allow us to walk, stand on tiptoe, jump, run, and more. The forefoot itself is responsible for supporting a full half of our body weight! It’s only when something goes wrong that we usually think about our feet. When our feet hurt, we realize how much we actually rely on them and take them for granted. One way to soothe aching feet and show regulation appreciation for this under-recognized body part is by soaking them in a special foot spa.  People who may especially benefit from soaking their feet regularly include athletes and those who spend a lot of time on their feet for work: teachers, waitresses, police officers, fitness instructors, construction workers, bartenders, and others.

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Different Types of Foot Spas

There are different types of foot spas available. Some people are familiar with going to a spa or salon and relaxing their feet in a tub of hot water. These foot spas may offer kneading massage functions and bubbles to further soothe your feet. These foot spas may be a standalone experience or part of a package that includes other beautifying treatments, including pedicures. You may have also heard of the trendy fish foot spa treatment. The fish foot spa is said to have originated in the Middle East and involves sticking your feet in a tub of water that includes fish. The fish nibble on your feet, removing dead skin and calluses while you soak.

Unfortunately, there are a number of health risks associated with salon foot spas due to sanitation issues. Some doctors have noted concern that fish foot spas can spread HIV. If a foot spa is not properly sanitized, any microorganisms in the foot spa can potentially enter through small cuts in your feet and cause infection. Some studies have found that half of all foot spas in the United States are not up to health codes. In 2004, one salon’s foot spa’s lack of hygiene resulted in an outbreak of severe skin boils among 115 recipients. A total of 61 of those patrons needed antibiotic treatment for more than four months before recovering from the condition.

For this reason, we highly recommend taking advantage of another type of foot spa: the home foot spa. A home foot spa gives you a soothing experience, and you’ll be all the more relaxed knowing that you’ve taken care of the hygiene aspect yourself and are not sharing bacteria with hundreds or thousands of other feet. The home foot spa is available at a variety of price points and with different technological functions. This guide will help you decide which is best for you.

Factors to Consider Before Buying


If you have larger feet, make sure that you choose a home foot spa that is big enough to accommodate them. Check the measurements. Usually, foot spas will advertise up to what shoe size can comfortably fit inside.


Water is heavy, and once you fill your foot spa up, it’s could be hard to carry. Some foot spas are designed for easy portability, featuring wheels so you can easily roll it to your desired location. Make sure that the wheels can lock so it won’t roll while your feet are soaking inside.

Heating Element

Most likely, you’ll want a foot spa that can heat water on its own. More budget-friendly foot spas require that you heat the water yourself prior to adding it to the foot spa tub. The most expensive of home foot spas will allow you to adjust the temperature setting in the tub, while some only heat to one particular temperature.

Massage Options

Many home foot spas have some sort of massage option, but again, you get what you pay for with this! The most budget-friendly foot spas may not include rollers at all or may feature rollers that you have to manually roll your feet over in order to get the benefit. Pricier foot spas have motorized rollers and often even offer different massage modes that you can choose from with the press of a button. These foot spas generally also include bubble jet streams for an additional type of massage experience.

Pedicure Features

Some foot spas have pedicure elements that will smooth your feet. If this is important for you, look for a foot spa that includes pumice stones or exfoliating loofahs built-in so that you can smooth any rough patches on your feet

Bottom Line

Trips to the salon to take advantage of their luxurious foot spas can get expensive over time. Plus, who has the time and energy to sit in traffic after a long day to get there? A better option is creating your own spa experience at home with one of these home foot spa options. Your feet will feel softer and all those aches will melt away with the use of a convenient home foot spa. Make relaxing and unwinding in the comfort and convenience of your own home part of your routine. You deserve it!

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