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April 2019

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How to Pick the Best Food Processor

A food processor is a useful small kitchen appliance. Whereas a blender can puree and liquefy ingredients, a food processor can also chop, grate, slice, and complete other kitchen tasks at just the push of a button. This saves you time and energy when it comes to tedious ingredient prep. Once you own a food processor, you won’t be able to imagine going back to your pre-food processing days. There are even entire cookbooks devoted to food processing -- just do a quick search on Amazon, and you’ll quickly be inundated with interesting titles featuring mouth-watering step-by-step instructions for meals and snacks that you’ll love. Because you’re likely going to get hooked on food processing and want to use it all the time, you’ll want to choose a good quality food processor that you’ll be happy to use for years on end. We’ll help you find out how to pick the best food processor for you.

best food processor


There are both standard size and mini size food processors. A standard size food processor usually has an 11 to 14-cup capacity. They are really useful because you can use them to prepare large quantities of ingredients, dips, spreads, flours, and more. A mini food processor typically has just a three to four-cup capacity. They are good for preparing small quantities of ingredients like chopping herbs. We think that it’s better to go larger than smaller, though some people like to own both a standard and a mini food processor.


It’s important to have a powerful motor so that it can take on jobs efficiently. A standard size food processor should ideally offer at least 600 Watts of power, and there are more impressive models that have over 1,000 Watt motors. A mini food processor doesn’t need such high wattage. You can get away with a 250 or 300-Watt motor for a mini processor.

Feeding Chute

A wider feeding chute means less prep work for you. A whole potato obviously won’t fit down a feeding chute, but the size of the feeding chute still makes a difference between how small you need to cut it before feeding it through the chute.


The accessories you’re going to be concerned about are the blades and slicing disks. These will allow you to get different cuts of your foods, such as thin slices, thickly chopped chunks, ground nuts or grains, and more. There may be additional accessories for even more functionality, such as juicing or dough kneading attachments. You may also enjoy an automatic scraper, though this isn’t strictly necessary. An automatic scraper will scrape food that may get stuck to the side of the bowls and move them back towards the motor to be mixed. Without one, you may need to periodically pause the food processor and scrape down the sides yourself with a spatula.

best food processor accessories

Clean Up

How easy is it to clean your food processor after use? You’ll most likely appreciate having a model with dishwasher-safe components to make cleanup less of a hassle.

best food processor cleaning

Secure Lid

The lid should be easy to get on and off the food processor bowl, and it should also stay secure during use. A lid that pops off during use can result in an incredibly messy situation that can certainly ruin your mood. The lid should feature safety features that are easy to engage and won’t loosen while the motor is running.

Footprint and Aesthetics

The size of your food processor’s footprint and its aesthetic appeal won’t affect its function and use, but it can make a difference as to whether you want to keep it within easy reach on your kitchen counter. If it is too large or simply not visually appealing, you’ll want to store it in a cabinet and have to lug it in and out every time you want to use it.

Durability and Warranty

You’ll want your food processor to stand up to long-term use without breaking. A good warranty will also give you peace of mind about your purchase.

food processor warranty
The above points are important aspects of your buying decision when you buy a food processor. Below you will find more deals on food processors from top brands and verified sellers! 


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