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The prehistoric practice of catching fish, has been around for approximately 40,000 years.  In prehistoric times there is evidence to show that permanent settlements existed that relied heavily on fishing as their primary means of survival.  What's more, ancient Egyptians used a mix of nets, baskets, hooks and lines to catch fish in order to nourish their population.  They are known for using both fresh and dried fish from the River Nile, information they displayed on ancient tombs and drawings.  These methods of fishing were purely for nutrients and hunger as opposed to recreational activity however fishing for leisure isn't as modern as you may think.  The first records of fishing for pure enjoyment date back to as early as 1496 when an English essay was published about fishing as a hobby by Dame Juliana Berners.  It is reported that this type of fishing grew in popularity throughout the 16th and 17th century until its popularity surged in conjugation with the production of the first motorboats in the 19th century. 

Nowadays, fishing is more than just a means to survive, it's now defined as a sport, a recreational activity and even an industry.  Due to the growth in popularity, there is research and evidence to prove that fishing has both mental and physical health benefits.  In terms of the body, fishing improves full body strength, boosts the immune system and improves balance. In order to reel in fish, you won't only need to stay balanced, you'll also need to engage your core, your legs and your arms.  What's more, in terms of the mind, fishing will promote family bonding, relaxation, patience and an ability to connect to the great outdoors!  What could be better than relaxing by the water, breathing in the fresh air with the next generation of fishermen by your side?

Like with any hobby, if you're a fisher, you want to be the best fisher you can be.  With this sport becoming more popular each year, there are more gadgets and gizmos on the market which aim to improve your record catch of the day.  Fish finders are an instrument that make fishing easier by locating and tracking the fish based by scanning under the waves and drawing a conclusion based on depth, temperature and reflected pulses of sound energy.  You would be surprised with how much choice there is available of the market for those wanting to invest in a new fish finder however have no fear! We have reviewed two of the best fish finders to help you get better results time and time again.       

Best Bang For Your Buck: Garmin Echo 551dv Worldwide

Amongst features of the Garmin Echo 551dv Worldwide, the 5-inch, high resolution VGA color display screen really stood out for us.  It offers horizonal and vertical viewing, zoom, as well as a split screen mode which makes it easy to view more technical aspects of the readings.  What's more, unlike other fish finders on the market, the screen is colorful and vivid as well as being extremely easy to ready in the sunshine meaning you'll never have to strain your eyes or shade yourself from the sun's rays. Unfortunately, there are no GPS features here however having GPS on a fish finder isn’t a must in our eyes.  Aside from this, priced at under $600, this fish finder is great value for money and measuring up at 1.8 x 6 x 5.9 inches and weighing just 1.1 lbs, there is no reason why you wounldn't be able to pack the Garmin Echo 551dv into your fishing bag!  What's more, we loved that this fish finder is perfect for those new to the fishing world as it's extremely easy to operate as well as fishing pros due to its advanced features.



Best For Experts: Lowrance Elite-7 Ti

If you're a professional fisher, you may be willing to splash out a bit more in order to get the perfect fish finder for you.  Priced at a slightly more expensive $800, the Lowrance Elite-7 Ti is an outstanding fish finder with some impressive features. Navigating is easy with the built-in GPS antenna and the renowned Lowrance navigation technology ensuring that you're always in control of your fishing navigation.  You can expect to receive accurate sonar signals with StructureScan HD compatibility and support for 83/200/455/800kHz frequencies and low/mid/high CHIRP.  Measuring up at 11 x 8 x 9 inches and weighing 7.4 lbs, this fish finder is bulkier than others on the market but once you have the Lowrance Elite-7 Ti accompanying you on you fishing journey you won't regret the purchase for a second.  The TotalScan transducer itself measures up at around 8-10 inches and the cable length is around 20 feet (compatible with extension cable). What's more, there's a great TrackBack feature, unique to Lowrance products that allows you to view your recent sonar, SideScan and Downscan history, making your next fishing trip even more productive!



Bottom Line

Choosing the right fish finder for your lifestyle couldn’t be more important.  Be it a regular Saturday morning tradition, or once a year on your annual camping trip, there are different fish finders for different occasions.  After testing a number of products on the market, our testers came to the conclusion that features aside, it's best to opt for a large, clear display that's easy to read no matter the weather conditions outside.  It's for this reason, alongside the fact that it's superb value for money and extremely portable that we chose the Garmin Echo 551dv Worldwide fish finder as our top pick!  Its accurate photographic sonar view of below the boat as well as the sonar history rewind function means that you'd be a fool not to purchase it, especially if you're on a budget!


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