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What Eyeliner Is The Best For You?

Experimenting with your look can be intimidating for some however eyeliner is a great way to transform your regular appearance in a matter of seconds.  Be it for that important meeting, a hot date or dinner with your girlfriends you can be sure that a sweep of black around your eyes can make you feel confident enough for whatever lies in store.  Eyeliner was first used in Ancient Egypt and has been a crucial part of various trends ever since.  The best eyeliner should be perfectly rich in color, easy to apply and able to withstand the hardships of your daily routine: rain, shine, laughter, sweat or tears.  Every year, the world seems to become more fashion conscience and this focus on appearance brings with it an abundance of makeup products to explore. We eventually whittled numerous eyeliners down to just 4 in order to bring you the best of the bet and achieve the on trend look that you so desperately deserve.

Best Liquid Eyeliner: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Stila-1 Water-0.  No matter whatever water we threw at Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner it really did stay all day.  This liquid eyeliner comes in the form of a felt tip pen and the nib is nibble and makes for easy application.  The fact that the nib is so thin means that you can gradually increase the thickness of the line you are creating rather than ending up with a line too thick and overbearing.  In fact, most of our testers claimed that it was the easiest to apply, even if they'd never used this style of eyeliner before.  We loved how well it defined our eyes both on the top and bottom lashes.  At around $20 this product is averagely priced but you definitely get a more than average product in return.  Unfortunately, the only downside is that it's difficult to remove so if you're someone who wants to ensure that their evening skincare routine is as quick as possible then you may want to consider another product on our list.  If you are okay with investing in an oil based make up remover then you won't regret investing in this Stila liquid eyeliner.



Best Gel Eyeliner: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Bobby Brown is a favorite with makeup professionals and amateurs alike.  Their gel eyeliner has been a timeless classic for as long as I can remember so I was excited to see how it held up against its competitors.  Not only is it smudge resistant but it's easy to remove too which is great after a tiresome day at work or a long night of partying.  The product has a deep, inky black color and doesn’t appear translucent when applied like other gel eyeliners we tested.  On the whole, we found that it's easy to put on however for those that are used to pencil liner, it could take a few tries before you get it right.  It's the perfect level of smoothness which means it glides on nicely but also leaves you in control of the application.  What's more, our testers enjoyed not only producing a sleek cat eye but a smoky look too with this product. Although the majority of us fell in love with the creamy texture and the deep, inky color, some testers found that after three months or so, the product starts drying out and can appear less rich.  At around $25 it's a shame that it won't last more than 3 months however, beauty professionals to recommend switching eyeliners every 2-3 months anyway.  On the whole, we loved that this eyeliner really was long lasting and recommend it to fans of gel eyeliner.  



Best Pencil Eyeliner: Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner Jet Black

We weren't surprised that this drug store classic made it on to our list.  Nearly all of our testers claimed to have been Rimmel fans at some point and were excited to see what the soft kohl eyeliner had to offer us.  It's made with a blend of waxes, hydrogenated palm oil and coco-glycerides; a perfect recipe for smooth application.  We loved the product's high-quality feel in relation to its budget price at around $5 which is amazing value for money. It is more difficult to achieve a dramatic cats eye with this Rimmel eyeliner however it gave us a great smoky eye, especially when applied along the bottom lashes.  Unfortunately, testers noted that this was the eyeliner that was most prone to fading and one of our reviewers even noted smudging and fading after just 2 hours.  However, this could be avoided by using a simple primer.  On the whole, we loved this eyeliner and would particularly recommend it particularly to those that are just starting to experiment.   The pencil is very creamy and doesn’t drag the skin at all when applied.  It also blends really well meaning that it's easy to cover up any mistakes made.  All things considered, there's a reason that this Rimmel Soft Kohl eyeliner remains a beauty favorite.  It's affordable, soft and rich in color, what more could you want?



The Bottom Line:

We based our results on color, durability, value for money and more in the most objective way that we could.  Nevertheless, personal preferences will always be factored into the final decision.  Before you think about which eyeliner to invest in, its important that you consider exactly what you are looking for in your eyeliner.  If enjoy experimenting with makeup then you probably have a favorite type of eyeliner in mind.  If you don't then think about what look you want to achieve and go from there.  All the eyeliners that we've reviewed for you here are of a super high caliber but nevertheless, we chose the Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner as our favorite.  We loved that it didn't fade throughout the day and helped us to look and feel our best from morning 'til night. 

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