The Best Electric Water Kettle

The Best Electric Water Kettle

In many ways, Americans live similar lives to our friends who live across the pond. One major difference that was recently highlighted by several articles online is that many Americans don't own electric kettles, a fact that has left citizens of other countries freaking out. How can it be that Americans are heating their water in the microwave? Many Americans don't even know that electric kettles exist, but we're convinced that once you try one out, you'll be hooked on this convenient little kitchen appliance.

An electric kettle isn't just for tea. You can also use it to boil water quickly for instant noodles and soup. Use it for your French press coffee, to boil water quickly for pasta, cook oatmeal, even boil eggs. For any recipe that calls for adding boiling water, you simply need to turn on your kettle and you'll have it in a minute. During the cold winter months when you find yourself constantly craving tea, hot cocoa, and coffee (instant or French press), or a hot water bottle, you'll be happy to know that your kettle boils water with minimal time and effort. It's a kitchen appliance that you'll come to rely on and use multiple times a day. Soon, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

In deciding upon an electric kettle, speed and temperature are two very important points to recognize. You don't want to wait forever for it to boil – that almost negates the point. Some electric kettles feature multiple temperature settings you can choose from for different types of drinks or for making a lower temperature hot beverage for a child. Electric kettles automatically shut off, so you won't have to worry about keeping an eye on it. The handle should have a good grip and not burn you. Aesthetics may play a role in your choice, as will price and possibly warranty.


Winner: Secura Cool Touch Kettle

The Secura Cool Touch 1.8 Quart Electric Water Kettle has a number of different features that make this one of our favorite electric kettles. It has a modern-looking jet black exterior with a geometric design. It measures 8.8 inches by 11.6 inches by 7.6 inches and weighs 2.5 pounds. The stainless steel interior has a 1.7 liter/1.8 quart capacity. In other words, you can make yourself over 7 cups of tea with just one boil! Some reviewers found it a bit large and bulky, but most didn't mind. Reviewers who had been used to older kettles with just an on/off button were excited to see so many different settings on the Secura Cool Touch. In addition to a Quick Boil button, there are also 8 preset temperature settings. The preset temperature settings range from 100 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and correspond to different beverages such as green tea, white tea, instant coffee, and more.  The keep warm function is also a nice feature, maintaining a warm water temperature for up to 4 hours after boiling. In addition to the Cool Touch exterior, another safety feature on this electric kettle is the sure grip lid and safety button spout control which prevents steam buildup while boiling, instead allowing it to escape as needed. Additionally, if accidentally tipped over, the water won't come rushing out to soak your countertop or worse, skin. Reviewers loved this kettle's heating function, 4-hour keep warm setting, and the attractive appearance it added to their kitchen countertops. Secura offers a 2-year limited warranty on this kettle.


Runner Up: Breville Variable-Temperature 1.8 Liter Kettle

The Breville Variable-Temperature 1.8 Liter Kettle is also called the IQ Kettle due to the intelligence behind its design. It measures 7.2 inches by 7.3 inches by 9.7 inches and can boil 57 ounces (over 7 cups) of water at a time. The five temperature settings range from 175 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. They each correspond to a different beverage, since teas and coffee each have their own optimal brewing temperatures. The five beverages identified with specific temperature buttons on the base are green tea (175 degrees), white tea (185 degrees), oolong tea (195 degrees), French press (200 degrees), and black tea/boil (212 degrees). Some reviewers note that compared to kettles that include labeled buttons on their handles, the Breville does better since less handling means the button text doesn't wear off like with other models. The 20-minute keep warm setting isn't as long as the Secura kettle's 4-hour keep warm function, however it is still nice. Reviewers found this kettle easy to operate and liked the glass pane that allows you to easily view how much water is inside the kettle without needing to open the lid. Breville offers a 1-year warranty on this kettle.


Budget Choice: Hamilton Beach 40880 Kettle

This Hamilton Beach electric kettle is our budget-pick. This electric kettle measures 8.78 inches by 6.24 inches by 9.24 inches. It has a 1.7 liter/7.2 cup water capacity.  Unlike higher priced models, this one doesn't include different temperature settings for you to choose from. Instead, there is a simple on/off switch that brings your water to a boil before the auto shut-off engages. This is honestly enough for most people who are not tea or coffee aficionados to the point where different brewing temperatures are strongly preferred. The water level window keeps users informed as to whether they need to refill their kettle without needing to open the lid. This 1500 watt electric kettle has a drip-free spout to prevent inadvertent burns. A lid-opening button is located at the top of the handle. An anti-scale mesh filter is visible through the kettle lid opening and should be rinsed occasionally. Reviewers found that it worked well and for the budget-friendly price, many noted deciding to purchase two: one for home and one for the office! Some noted that the water seemed to stay hot for a long time in the kettle after boiling, despite not having a "keep warm" button. Hamilton Beach offers a limited 1-year warranty on this product.  


Bottom Line

The Secura Cool Touch electric kettle impressed reviewers the most. It features the widest array of temperature settings, is 100% BPA free, and has a 4-hour keep warm function. The temperatures were accurate and reviewers appreciated the safety features. The Breville is our most expensive recommended model. It features five different temperature settings and a 20-minute keep warm function. Reviewers were pleased to find the control panel on the base instead of on the handle, as it maintained the button labels better. Finally, the Hamilton Beach is our budget electric kettle fix. It doesn't offer different temperature settings but it gets the job done at a price that everyone can love.

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