Best Birdbaths Reviewed and Compared! Updated October, 2020

Birds provide us with sweet music, pollinate our flowers, and are beautiful to look at. You can attract these feather friends to your yard or garden with the use of a stylish and functional birdbath! Our team spent hours researching and analyzing the best birdbaths so you don't have to! Read on for the full comparison!

Why Does Research Matter?

If you enjoy bird-watching and taking care of the birds that visit your yard, you should definitely consider a birdbath. A birdbath can be both a stylish décor option for your garden as well as serve a useful function to feathered friends. A birdbath should stand up to weather and outdoor conditions, be easy for birds to perch on, not blow over in the wind, and be easy to clean. There are many different types of birdbaths, such as pedestal, hanging, and ground birdbaths, each with pros and cons. We've compared the best options so your decision-making process will be even easier!

Why Do We Recommend the Burley Clay Hummingbird Bath Set?

The Burley Clay Hummingbird Bath Set is heavy enough that you won't have any worries about it being accidentally tipped over or even blown over by the wind. It is made out of a blend of clay from southeaster Ohio mines, and it is completely made in the USA. The hummingbird design is hand-painted, giving yours a unique, distinctive appearance. The base features a beautiful design of green foliage and pink flowers with two hummingbirds fluttering nearby.



Why Do We Recommend the Peaktop Bird Bath?

The Peaktop Bird Bath is a beautiful glass bowl-style birdbath that comes with an accompanying stand to set it on. It can be used both as a traditional birdbath or you can choose to fill it with bird seed instead. It measures 21.2 inches high so you can easily see into the bath to watch birds splash and play. Peaktop offers a variety of colors and designs, including various flowers, foliage, a butterfly, and a hummingbird in the glass birdbath bowls.




What Do We Love About the GrayBunny Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit?

The GrayBunny Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit provides everything you need to create the perfect attraction for birds. In addition to offering a birdbath, it also includes a tray for bird food. It is made of rust-resistant steel that can stand up to being outdoors year-round. Users found this bird bath/bird feeder combination easy to assemble with no tools required. You can easily adjust the different arms for birds to perch on. The forked base keeps the bath stable and is easy to insert into the ground. Both the mesh tray and the plastic water bath can be removed without difficulty for a quick cleaning.


What Does the Outsunny Resin Pedestal Bird Bath Offer?

The Outsunny Resin Pedestal Bird Bath has an antique gold-bronze color that is aesthetically-pleasing for any garden. While it's lightweight at just 5.1 pounds, you can increase stability by filling the base with stones. This birdbath also includes three ground stakes for positioning and securing it. The pedestal base has a beautiful scrolling fleur-de-Lys accent. The scallop-like engravings and small cutouts along the edge of the bowl help birds perch easily at its edge to take a sip of water.


Bottom Line

Having birds visit your garden can really brighten your day. Our dedicated team of researchers reviewed all types of birdbaths and evaluated them for stability, durability, how easy they are to clean, aesthetics, and more, in order to provide you with an accurate, detailed comparison. While many birdbaths could be used as feeders instead, the GrayBunny Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit doesn't force you to choose, providing you with both a feeder section as well as a bath section. The Burley Clay Hummingbird Bath Set is the heaviest and most stable of the birdbaths recommended. Peaktop birdbaths are beautiful glass fusion artistic masterpieces that will attract birds for splashing and drinking. Finally, the Outsunny Pedestal Bird Bath offers a stylish, antique design that is easy for birds to perch on and comes at an affordable price.


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