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Best Bird Baths For Your Back Yard

Best Bird Baths Reviewed:

Depending on where you live it can be difficult to connect to mother nature, especially if you live in a densely populated area.  There are different ways you can add color and life to your backyard including a well-kept lawn, different flowers, shrubs and more!  Another great way to make your outside space seem more vibrant and dynamic is by investing in a bird bath.  What better way is there to ensure that your garden landscape is constantly changing due to an influx of feathered friends?  What's more, with the huge amount of design choice out there, they're not only for attracting birds these days but can also be used for decorative purposes too.  The list of possible options appears to be endless however we're here to help.  We've selected the best bird baths for your lawn selected and rated on design, durability, cost and more! 

Our Favorite Bird Bath: GrayBunny Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit

Weighing in at 5lbs and measuring at 22x2x91 inches this was the largest bird bath that we tested.  Our reviewers found the 91-inch steel pole to be sturdy as it's made from high quality stainless steel.  They also loved the different branches for food and water as well as the hooks for birds to perch on.  Additionally, this was one of the easiest bird baths to construct and some testers commented that they loved the fact that they could adjust the prongs by loosening and tightening the wing nuts by hand.  The mesh tray and water bowl easy slide out of the bird bath which makes for easy cleaning and refilling too.  What's more, it comes with a 30-day guarantee which gave our testers added faith in the product whether they were buying it for themselves or as a gift.  For such exciting features, we were pleasantly surprised at the reasonable $45 price tag and found that you got more for your money compared to other similarly priced bird baths.  We received the least amount of negative feedback from this bird feeder however if you're looking for something more colorful to make a vibrant statement in your garden then it would be better to check one of our other bird baths.



Our Most Aesthetic Bird Bath: Tiffany- Inspired Hanging Glass Bird Bath Bowl

If you're looking for something slightly more alternative with a beautiful and elegant finish then this Tiffany-inspired hanging glass bird bath bowl is for you. The stained-glass is eye-catching and adds color to your garden all year round and at around $42 its great value for money.  The quality is not reflected in the price as this bird feeder is extremely durable and looks more expensive than it is.  What's more, testers loved the weather resistant finish which prevents the rust from developing and it’s easy to clean with warm water as the glass isn’t porous.  Testers commented that the stability was great due to the strength of the chain and it doesn’t blow in the breeze which could scare birds off.  Not only is it perfect as a bird bath, it works really well to float candles in at night when you're hosting or just relaxing in your outdoor space.  It looks great, it's easy to put together and can be a gorgeous gift to your mom or best friend too!  Unfortunately, this bird birth doesn’t suit colder climates as there is no water heater and the water could freeze, causing the bird bath to crack. 



Best Heated Bird Bath: Allied Precision Industries Mounted Heated Bird Bath

This bird bath has a 20-inch diameter and at just under $70 is one of the most expensive bird baths that we tried.  What made this product stand out for us is not only the fact that it's heated but the fact that it has a railing mount too meaning that it's easy to place and easy to find space for if you're dealing with limited room.  Not only that but the mounting bracket is cleverly fitted with hinges meaning it's easy to clean out stagnant water. Some of our testers found that it was difficult to level the bird bath however others claimed that they liked the lack of symmetry.  It meant that it was easier to see the birds perch without being blocked by a raised edge however you're looking for a flawlessly straight bird bath then you may want to check other bird birds we tried.  It's super easy to install and should take less than 5 minutes however some of our testers found it difficult to get the hang of mastering the mountain bracket and how it's supposed to be mounted.  If heating the water is your main priority when shopping for a bird bath then this is the product for you as it works perfectly.  Unfortunately, too many of our reviewers complained about the straightness and how difficult it was to mount the bid bath which is why it received a lower score.



Best Clay Bird Bath: Burley Clay Hummingbird Bath Set

If you're a fan of the classic bird bath but are looking for something with a slightly more intricate design then this is for you. Clay is a great material for bird baths as it offers slightly more traction meaning that it's easier for birds to hold onto the bath and in turn, return more often to drink on your premises.  At around $115 the price is the highest out of all the bird baths that we tested so it may not be for everyone but if you do choose to invest, there is no doubt that you are investing in a high-quality product. It's a locking bird bath which means that the bath itself can be titled easily for draining stagnant water and cleaning.  Not only that but the lock is so strong that the bird bath can't be knocked over by over enthusiastic wildlife. Unfortunately, our testers found the quality to be durable but weren’t impressed by any distinguishing features and for the price, they would get better value for money elsewhere.  This product would be best for those that want a classic, good quality bird bath which serves as a real long-term investment. 



Bottom Line:

Birds are one of the best ways to add life to your garden.  No matter your age, it's exciting to catch sight of a feathered friend visiting your garden.  It's best to chose a bird bath that suits the climate in which you live as well as your lifestyle.  On the whole our testers enjoyed the baths that involved the least cleaning however if you have more time to invest, then purchasing a more upmarket one could also be best for you.  Our testers rated the GrayBunny Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit as the highest rated product.  It's durable, stable and easy to construct.  What's more it offers the option of both food and water and also comes with a 30-day guarantee making us feel even more comfortable about inviting our feathered friends over for an afternoon drink

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