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Best Big Wheels Reviewed:
Big wheels are a great way to allow your little ones to engage with their bodies and have some good, old-fashioned fun.  Just like many of us, some of my fondest me memories were created whilst I was riding around on my first tricycle.  In today's day and age, not only is investing in a good tricycle a great way for your children to create memories similar to those of your own but it's a great way to keep them active and increase their confidence levels too!  These toys are a timeless classic and you'll be pleased to know that they're not going out of fashion any time soon.  New models with different twists are getting released all the time and as a parent, the choices available can sometimes be overwhelming.   There are different colors, frame and tire materials, price ranges and so much more to choose from. You don't want to get your child a brand new Big Wheel and later find out that you could have got better value for money and better features elsewhere. Allow us to help you find the best big wheels to make your child's dreams come true and create memories that last a lifetime!

Most Advance Tricycle: Razor RipRider 360 Castor Trike

When investing in a new product for you kid, you want it to last.  Nearly all parents commented that this Razor RipRider's durable, steel frame proved to be the sturdiest.  Unlike the big wheels that you may have ridden on in your youth, this Razor model is equipped with dual inclined caster wheels whose clever design, minimizes the effort required to change directions, creating a smoother and more exciting experience.  There is little resistance too so you'll be able to watch your child whizz around with ease all afternoon.  It has 360 degree spinning action and can carry weight of up to 160 lbs which is the heaviest weight limit of all the tricycles tested.  Our testers loved the MX-style handle bars and commented that they made their little ones feel grown up and like professional riders.  The front wheel is high impact with a flat-free tire and the rubber grips make for safer riding too!  Researchers loved the electric blue color and both boys and girls commented that they felt like kings and queens of the neighborhood riding around on this model.  At just under $70 it's great value for money, pricing only slighter higher than lower ranking models we tested.  Unfortunately, the product isn’t adjustable for various heights however it fits most kids aged 4-11.  It's really great for developing lower body strength and special awareness and really does allow children to develop riding skills, tricks and spins. It rode over grassy areas the best out of all the tricycles we tested however we would still recommend using it on flat surfaces for best results. 


Our Runner-Up Tricycle : The Original Big Wheel 48727 Tricycle

We loved that although this Big Wheel Tricycle isn’t as technologically advanced as other big wheels on the market, it's a classic product with unique features!  Not only does it have a 16-inch big wheel, it has wide rear wheels too.  Parents loved the Grow-With-Me 3 position adjustable seat, which is why it’s the perfect size for kids between 36 months and 8 years alike.  At around $177, it's much more expensive than other tricycles we tested however parents claimed to feel comfortable in spending that much, as it means they can adjust the product specifically for their child.  Our testers loved that no matter the age of their children, they felt confident enough to teach them to ride without falling too far from the floor. The weight limit however is slightly lower at 70 lbs and unfortunately testers found this tricycle the most difficult to assemble.  On the plus side, reviewers appreciated the fact that it comes with assembly tools so there's no need to rummage around in your tool box to put it together quickly.  In terms of aesthetics, the tricycle is yellow red and blue so both girls and boys felt fantastic riding around on this trike.  The frame, seat and fork are made of premium plastic which makes it light and easy for children to maneuver around.  Unfortunately, testers found that it was difficult to ride off road and would suggest that its better on solid floors.


Best Tricycle on a Budget: Radio Flyer Grow N Go Big Flyer

If your child wants to feel grown up and appear on trend the Radio Flyer Deluxe Big Flyer is the tricycle to go for! We love that it's the perfect gift for children that have outgrown small trikes and want a more mature experience.  Like other trikes on the market, this one has a wide base that makes it difficult to tip over so parents felt super comfortable about leaving kids unsupervised for short periods of time.  What’s more it's made of sturdy steel which is extremely durable and makes for years of outdoor fun and is easy to ride at around 10 lbs. It does however have the lowest weight capacity out of all the tricycles we tested at 49lbs however the age limit is also the lowest at 2-5 years old.  Our reviewers commented how much their children loves the storage container on the trike for their favorite stuffed animal or other toys essential to play time.  It also grows with your child due to the adjustable frame and the combination of the bargain price of $60 makes it great value for money.  Assembling is also easy and won't take much time at all.  As an added plus, testers loved that the backrest is higher than on other tricycles meaning that providing users with a better riding experience. Even though the frame is steel, the wheels are plastic which meant it was difficult to gain traction on some surfaces.  On the whole, we would recommend this product to those with less riding experience as bigger children got bored on this tricycle the quickest.


Bottom Line:

Keep your child's adventurous spirit ignited with a big wheel tricycle!  As we've mentioned, they're a better and safer alternative to two-wheel bikes for young children.  What we loved the most about these big wheel tricycles wasn’t only the squeals of excitement but the fact that it encourages healthy habits, an interest in the outdoors and exercise and coordination.  We liked all of these tricycles for various reasons however the Razor RipRider 360 Castor Trike came out on top.  We loved how easy it was for children to learn more complicated tricks on this trike such as spins and turns.  What's more, it was the most fun to ride!  Children felt super cool gliding around on the swish design and were kept entertained for hours of fun.

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