Best Beach Canopies for Summer 2018

Best Beach Canopies for Summer 2018 Reviewed: 

Ever feel desperate for some ocean air but the sun's powerful rays seem to keep you away from a day at the beach?  That's why you need to invest in a beach canopy.  Sometimes, sunscreen doesn't protect you enough from UVA and UVB rays which is why added cover from a beach canopy is exactly what you need. The last thing you need to ruin your perfect day by the beach is being too exposed to extreme conditions, therefore it's wise to ensure that you're fully prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you.  Not only that, but beach canopies are great to store valuables, give you more privacy and provide extra protection for children too. There are different shapes and styles of beach canopies to match different priorities so take a look at our top-rated canopies for ultimate fun in the sun (or shade)!

Best For Families: WildHorn Outfitters Quick-Up Cabana Style XL Beach Tent

This beach canopy is without a doubt the best family beach canopy that we tested.  More than just a beach canopy, we have no doubt that it will see you through numerous camping trips so it's definitely worth spending that bit extra.  The Quick-Up Canbana Style XL Beach Tent provides protection from all of nature's elements including UV rays, sand, wind and rain.  We love that it takes a matter of seconds to set up making more time for fun and games for your kids!  The sea blue color creates a perfect calming atmosphere and when you combine the aesthetics with the three venting windows you end up with the perfect recipe for an afternoon nap when the sun becomes too strong.  Reviewers also commented that the sand screws were included in the box which makes the canopy much more stable. At 12 lbs it's one of the slightly heavier canopies we tested however for the protection and quality, we don't mind a slightly more uncomfortable walk from the car to the beach.  What's more, it’s simple to adjust the shade so you can decide how low the sunshade rests.  The poles are adjustable however if constructing them seems like too much of an effort, rolling the door up works perfectly too!



Best Pop Up: Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent XL

We couldn't believe how quickly we were able to set up and take it down this super convenient canopy.  This means that it's a great choice if you're spending the day with young kids who are desperate to run into the sea when they arrive or desperate to go home at the end of a long day. Despite its extra-large size, only two people are needed to set the tent up but it can comfortably seat up to 4. Furthermore, it has a UPF rating of 50+ and the fabric blocks 98% of UV rays. The three large windows accommodate cross breezes. However, you can choose to cover the windows from the inside with special curtains if you want. Testers loved that it allowed them to switch between people watching or privacy if they were breast feeding or changing into their bathing suit.  It has 4 stakes and 5 sand pockets for extra stability as well as an inside pocket to keep your belongings safe and sand-free.  Reviewers also commented how lightweight and durable the breathable polyester seemed to be too and the fact that it comes with a one-year warranty means that we definitely can't complain! Unfortunately, there is no door to this tent so we wouldn’t recommend you using this for overnight camping as you may get bitten to shreds. 



Best Basic Canopy: HappySummer Beach Tent With Sandbag Anchors

Coming in a variety of fun colors and at under $70 this product is perfect for beach fanatics who are looking for UV protection and not much more.  This canopy measures up at 6.5x6.5 feet high and is made of durable lyrca that can withstand the sea breeze.  It also comes with 4 plastic pegs that are perfect for grass so you can take this canopy to your local park for a picnic too.  This product is lightweight at just 4lbs, machine washable and will dry in an instant.  We found that it's also super easy to set up alone.  All you need to do is fill the sand or rocks to ensure you stay protected now matter how strong the winds are.  It's perfect for eating, snoozing and watching the waves however if this is your choice to take abroad you may want to think again as it takes up valuable room in your suitcase.  In addition, this isn't for those that prefer to sit in camping chairs on the beach as the poles are relatively short meaning that the canopy is lower.  On the whole we would recommend the HappySummer Beach Tent with Sandbag Anchors to adult beach lovers.  Although it can work for families too you may want a bit more protection against the sun's powerful rays. 


Best for Couples: June and May Beach Canopy

If you're looking to be the vintage couple of the year than this is the beach canopy for you.  Striped in white and blue this old-fashioned beach canopy is the perfect product that screams summer style.  What's more, reviewers loved how they remained protected from the sun without sacrificing their beach view.  You'll be able to stay cool at the beach as it's not closed and invites a refreshing breeze.  What's more, you won't even break a sweat during set up as it's easy to put up and take down.  All you have to do is put the stakes in place and stretch the fabric into place. It measures at 10 feet by 6 and weighs around 7lbs so it's super easy to transport and comes with a trendy carry case too.  The fact that it's made from nylon means that its UV and water resistant, however also means that it's less durable than other beach canopies on the market.  It's the cheapest canopy that we tried however we found that it's possible to get more for your money which is why this product was rated the lowest.  Nevertheless, it's a great canopy for a couple that are either flying abroad or live close to the sea.


The Bottom Line:

All in all, selecting the right beach canopy couldn’t be a more personal decision.  The list of potential priorities is almost endless.  How long will you be walking before you set it up, how many people will you be going to the beach with, how often will you be using it and much more.  It's safe to say that you won't regret investing in a beach canopy, it's just important that you chose something that best suits your lifestyle.  Of course, these canopies don't just need to be used on the beach.  They can be a great addition to your camping trip, or a family picnic.  That's why we chose the WildHorn Outfitters Quick-Up Cabana Style XL Beach Tent as our overall winner.  We loved the size, the convenience and the protection from the sun it provided!


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