Best Background Check Websites Review Updated December, 2018

Below you will find a review of the best background check websites online. We review and rate our picks based on user experience, quality of data, customer service, website ease of use and other elements that we take into consideration. Before you sign up to any background check website, read our reviews in order to make sure you are getting the best deal with your background check membership. Background check reports may contain court records, arrest records, addresses (new & old), phone numbers, emails, social information, contact information, online activities, unclaimed assets and more related information to the person you are search. When you perform a Background Check search, make sure you read terms and conditions and abide by all the rules. Background Check sites reveal personal and sensitive information!

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What is a Background Check? 

There are a number of various Background Check options. Both your neighbor and employer are able to run a background check search to find out of you have any criminal history, however there are different ways to go about doing this. Your neighbor may use public records that contain arrest records, court records and other information that is 100% public. On the other hand, an employer running a background check is a different story. In some cases, an employer may even pull your credit score! To do that, you have to be a verified background check provider. The services below are public records engines and can not be used to pull employement background! 

Should You Purchase a Background Check?

Like with many other services, you have the option of choosing between a free background check and a paid background check. Unfortunately, the free services tend to be less accurate than the paid services due to the fact that they do not have the financial resources to scan public records and compile full reports on the person or company you wish to know more about.

The paid background check services offer a well-rounded and a more reputable report, and the results they deliver are far more accurate than those that are provided by no fee services. The most recommended background check services offer a free trial period that usually lasts a few days and lets you conduct search queries in order to discover if the service is right for you. Once you decide on the background website that is right for you, you can either pay per each search, get a monthly membership or a yearly one. Also, when choosing a background check service, make sure you have unlimited searches under your membership, otherwise you will be required to pay for each search that goes over the limit of searches you can conduct.

How Can You Use a Background Check?

Background checks can be used in many ways and for many purposes in order to find information about people, such as:

  • Neighbors
  • Co-workers
  • Potential love interests
  • Sex offenders living in a specific area
  • Address verifications 
  • Long lost friend

The information found in the background check websites can help you reveal details about people's past that they may not want to share, such as a violent criminal history. Such information can help people such as employers decide if they wish to proceed with the relationship between themselves and those in question.

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Where is Data and Information Collected?

The information and data collected in background checks is held by governments all across the United States, and there is no way to access them via regular search engines. The information held by governments, local official, county clerks, etc., is collected throughout the lives of U.S. residents, and much of it becomes a matter of public record. By accessing U.S. public records, background search engines essentially gather information about a person's life and provide a report that includes the said information. Due to the fact that each public record requires special access, people find it hard to collect information from different agencies, and this is where background checks come in handy. The reports provided by background check engines and websites do the leg work for you by scanning billions of public records and providing you with the information you need in a matter of minutes.

What Data is Available with a Background Check Report?

These days a background check is more than just a want, but a necessity for many who wish to find information about people they meet. A thorough background check can help you find valuable information about people you meet or have known for years, and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Legal First, Last and Middle Name/ Known Aliases
  • Contact information
  • Former and current addresses
  • Names of relatives
  • Arrest records and criminal records
  • DUI's and traffic violations
  • Sexual offenses/sex offender registry
  • Real estate properties
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Social Media accounts and information
  • Information related to employment
  • Sex offenders in the vicinity of the address

Are Searches Private and Safe?

Running a background check is completely anonymous, and the person or people that you have inquiries about can not find out you conducted a search about them. Each background check website has a 100% confidentiality guarantee to allow users to use their service privately and safely. In order to prevent any breach of privacy, information about the search and the searcher are never saved in background check websites, so you can perform the queries you need with peace of mind. 

Are Background Checks Free? 

Many websites advertise their background check servies as free, however, the best background check websites do not do that. Background Check reports cost money and obtaining a report or a membership requires a fee. A background check report contains very sensitive information and you must read the terms and condition of every website before you register for a membership. Using the information on your background report in the wrong way, can be exteremly damaging to both the person you are searching and you might break the law if you use your report the wrong way. Please ensure to read the terms and conditions before you obtain a background check report!