Best Baby Walkers Review: Top Recommendations for Baby Strollers! Updated October, 2020

Review of the top best baby walkers. There is nothing more life changing than watching your baby take their first steps. Not only can baby walkers help your child to gain confidence as they learn to stand on their own two feet but also keep them occupied in a safe setting. With so many products and different features for baby walkers, how can you pick the best one for you? We have spent hours researching and analyzing the best baby walkers on the market so you can save time and money! See our top best recommendations for baby strollers below:

Why is Research Important?

You may already know that baby-walkers are a controversial topic. Some believe them to be stunt natural development as well as being unsafe if not built correctly. On the other hand, baby walkers allow children to explore their bodies capacity, as well as their surrounding environment in a controlled and safe manner. What's more, some baby walkers come with exciting toys and sounds that stimulate further development. It is however, difficult to which baby walkers will be beneficial and which will be detrimental for you child. We have compared the best baby walkers on the market to ensure you make an informed decision that is best for your baby!

Why was the Combi Baby Active Walker Our Editor's Choice?

Finding the perfect baby walker for your baby is not an easy task however if the price fits your budget then we think we have found it and priced at just over $80, we think that this baby walker is worth every cent. It comes with its own entertainment system including activity lights, mirrors, toys and more. In addition, it is easy to assemble making it even easier for your child to get on the move faster! Finally, the Combi Baby Activity Walker comes with an adjustable height meaning that there are many positions to make your child comfortable as they grow.


Why do we Recommend the Joovy Spoon Walker?

We recommend the Joovy Spoon Walker to parents that want a classic design with a lot of space that is also both durable and comfortable for their baby. It works as both a walker and a high chair and to make it even more practical, it comes fully equipped with a removable, dishwasher safe insert. Best for children who are able to sit up unassisted, this baby walker has 3 height positions and can take a weight of 30lbs and a maximum height of 33.5 inches. Priced at just under $80 it is slightly more expensive but, in this case, you get what you pay for.


Why did we Chose to Compare the Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker?

As well as being entertaining, the Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker will keep your baby comfortable. Infants' skin and limbs are delicate which is why it is so important that walkers are comfortable. This Disney walker provides padded, soft fabric on the seat as well as solid support so babies will not get a tired back from standing for too long. In addition, this walker has three different height settings meaning that you will still get optimum value for money as your baby will be able to grow with their walker. Priced at just under $60, this walker is outstanding value for money for endless entertainment.


Why did we Love the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker?

By investing in the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker, you will be investing in a great way to allow children to stand, play and eat in a safe way. Not only is the construction sturdy but it has a special brake feature that forces the walker to stop when the baby walks by uneven surfaces like stairs. Aside from safety, this walker is easy for one person alone to assemble. Furthermore, head adjustments can also be made as the baby grows making it great value for money. Priced at under $60 it is great value for money and great for those looking to provide their child with a safe walker on a budget.


Bottom Line

It is a proud moment for every parent when their little one starts to crawl, walk and stand however it is not always easy to keep children on their feet with so many other tasks to complete to ensure your household runs as it should. Investing in the right baby walker is important to ensure that your baby takes their first steps in a safe environment. Design, additional features, safety, size and price are also important features when deciding what walker to invest in for your baby. Although all of the baby walkers we compared are of a high quality, we chose The Combi Baby Activity Walker as our first choice. Not only is it safe, it is easy to assemble, durable with an adjustable height and a removable hood too!

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