The Best Diapers for Newborn Babies. Find the Best Fit! Updated October, 2020

As parent we often find ourselves struggling to squeeze in extra laundry time in between soccer practice to bath time or dinner. So, helping you choose the best diaper brand to keep your child clean and healthy found itself at the top of our priority list. We've spent hours on end researching so we can save you time and money investing in your child's happiness!

Why Does Research Matter?
Finding the best diaper for your little one's bum in many cases really depends on what is important to you. Do you prefer fewer chemicals? A lower cost? Fragrance free? Quick absorbency? Each diaper brand has different fits around the waist and legs so some of your experience might involve some trial and error. Sometimes you might find that your baby will react to one brand as opposed to the other. Usually the best way to determine the best diapers for your baby depend on their leakage and blowouts. We chose the top all parent favorites so you can make the best educated decision to keep your little one's behind fresh all day!

How Did Pampers Swaddlers Make the Cut?

Pampers Swaddlers is known for its super comfortable and flexible diaper technology that prioritizes your newborn's health and wellbeing! It has a soft design and generally fits well, and it includes leak prevention technology to help your child stay dry all day. Pampers tend to perform safety tests, allowing parents to evaluate the effectiveness on their baby's bum. To give it a chic vibe, Pampers also designs its diapers so they appear more like a clothing pieces rather than a disposable one while using pigments over allergy creating dyes. There’s no shortage of diaper brands on your local markets shelves. We, however, managed to choose the top brands we believe have the best results of keeping a child safe, healthy, and clean.


Why is Seventh Generation Diapers a Smart Choice?

Seventh Generation is an eco-friendly brand that is perfectly suited for sensitive baby skin. It's constructed with a double layer quilted liner that's made from unbleached cotton. There is also a cutout for the umbilical cord and refastenable tabs for a snuggly and flexible fit. These diapers are also made without lotion or fragrance and have animal prints on them giving them a cute and charming look. They have a high-capacity ultra-absorbent core to prevent leaks to ensure your child's bum stays rash-free.

Why is Huggies Little Snugglers a Great Pick for You?

Whether you're already a parent or a parent to be, you will be faced with many future life-defining decisions that will require all your attention and energy. To help you make a decision on the most suitable diaper for your newborn, Huggies' Little Snugglers is another parents' favorite for newborn babies due to many of its convenient features. Conveniently, it has a wetness indicator which lets you know when your baby is ready to be changed, an umbilical cord cutout to protect the healing belly, a pocketed waistband to ensure noting leaks out, and a patented GentleAbsor Liner that provides a cushion between your baby's bum to his/her mess.

What Makes Luvs Ultra Leakguard So Special?

Luvs Ultra Leakgaurd is a perfect choice for parents on a budget without missing out on all the important features your baby needs. Luv's Leakguard technology is known for its gel-like material in the padding of the diaper that quickly absorbs wetness while its core helps your baby's skin stay dry. Your child will benefit from a softness that resembles cotton with stretch tabs that refastens. Conveniently they also hold a contoured shape that hugs your baby for a great fit that accommodates them between their legs as well. If you are unhappy with the diaper's Leakguard technology, Luvs guarantees your money back.


Bottom Line

Finding the best diaper fit for you little one is quite the dirty business. Sometimes some trial and error are required to find the best brand that will coincide with your baby's skin, even at the price of increasing your laundry days. However, your baby's wellbeing is at the top of your priority and therefore happy baby is a dry baby. So, we brought the best diaper brands we believe will serve your little one's skin the best. We kept in mind leakage, cost, fragrance, softness, eco-friendliness and other important parameters so you won't have to!

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