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April 2019

Best baby bathtubs review. See our top 10 best recommendations for baby bathtubs!

How to Pick the Best Baby Bathtub for Your Baby


Having a new baby typically means lots of shopping is in store. It seems like there are endless products available for your newborn: cribs, bottle warmers, diaper pails, changing tables, strollers, carriers, pacifiers . . . the list appears to go on and on. For first time parents, it’s hard to know what products are really necessary and which you’ll never use. Which category does a baby bathtub fall into? While you could certainly opt to bathe your baby in a regular-sized bathtub, trying to soap a wriggly, slippery baby isn’t easy. A small, baby-sized tub gives you a sense of more control over the situation that you’re sure to appreciate.

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Types of Baby Bathtubs

Not all baby bathtubs are created equal. There are different types of baby bathtubs available. There is the typical hard plastic tub that you’re probably familiar with. Foldable tubs are nice because they can fold flat after use for easy storage. After all, you most likely aren’t going to keep a baby bathtub in your regular bathtub or sink at all hours of the days or night! You’ve got other uses for your tub or sink! A convertible tub is designed to grow with your baby, from infant to toddler stage. An inflatable baby bathtub is not something you want to use on a regular basis, but it can be a good choice for traveling. You’ll need to inflate it for each bath time. Luxury baby bathtubs have lots of extras, such as jet streams.

Drain Plug

A drain plug saves you from needing to lift a tub full of water and dump it over to empty it. The drain plug should be easy to close and secure so that it does not leak water while you are using the tub. After finishing your baby’s bath, empty the water easily via the drain.

Non-skid Surface

A non-skid surface in the bottom of the tub will help you keep your slippery baby in place during bath time.

Baby Seat

Some baby bathtubs have infant slings to hold your baby in place or even seats for your baby to sit upon. They can be removed if your baby does not need or want this feature. Make sure that if you use them, that they can be kept securely in place to prevent accidents.

Temperature Gauge

Some baby bathtubs come with a thermometer or a color-changing gauge that will alert you as to whether the temperature is too hot for your baby. According to the Mayo Clinic, your baby’s bath water should be kept at a temperature around 100 degrees.


You should get the correct size tub for your baby. A baby bathtub that is too small will be uncomfortable for your little one. A tub that is too big will take up a lot more space in your home which can be frustrating. Luckily, most baby bathtubs come with recommendations as to what size babies they can accommodate safely and comfortably.


You want your baby bathtub to be easy to clean and dry. Improper cleaning and drying between uses can result in the growth of mold and mildew, which is harmful to your baby’s health.


Some safety features we’ve already covered, such as non-skid surfaces and temperature gauges. You should also make sure that the bathtub does not have any sharp surfaces that can result in your baby’s delicate skin being inadvertently cut or scraped. Finally, it is important to remember basic safety tips when it comes to bathing your baby. Never leave your baby alone during bath time, even for “just a second.” A baby can drown in even an inch of water and in just a few seconds, so it is imperative that your baby is constantly supervised by an adult during bathing. Planning goes a big way in preventing the urge to leave your baby for a second. Make sure that you have everything you need, such as towels, baby shampoo, and soap, within arm’s reach before bath time starts. Finally, protect yourself against slipping on wet surfaces. Put a towel or non-slip mat on the floor where you are sitting or standing while bathing the baby so that you don’t end up slipping when water gets splashed out of the tub.

best baby bathtub review


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