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Pet moms and dads will identify with that all too familiar feeling of being away from home and worrying about your pet.  Moreover, our list of daily chores seems to be forever growing and now with the birth of the automatic pet feeder, feeding your pet doesn’t need to be an extra hassle.  With the automatic pet feeder, gone are the days of forcing yourself out of bed on a Saturday morning or rushing back from work to feed your feline friend.  After investing in one of these, you'll never have to worry if your cat has enough food and water again.  What're more, studies have shown that around 50% of dogs and cats in The USA are overweight and if their dietary routine isn’t stable, this can result in obesity.  Automatic cat feeders allow you stay in control of your pet's daily intake in a more advanced way.  Read our review of automatic pet feeders to find out more! 

Overall Winner: PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

On the whole, we loved the amount of control we got from this automatic feeder.  The settings allow you to program up to 12 meals a day and the machine will dispense anywhere between 1/8 of a cup and 4 cups of food via an anti-jam conveyor belt.  Both dry and semi-wet foods work well here and there's even a setting that dispenses the meal over a 15-minute time period.  With this setting you can ensure your pet will consume meals at the correct speed so you don't need to worry about any vomit related mishaps while you're away. There are also fantastic features such as pause feed and immediate feed which you can easily change depending on your pets needs and moreover, it's great for small dogs too! In addition, set up is super easy and it only needs 4 D-sized batteries to work (batteries are not included).  In addition, it looks stylish and compliments any kitchen and what's more, the food container is see through so you can see exactly when it needs topping up.  We also liked the look of the stainless-steel bowl which is also dishwasher friendly.  Some testers found that unfortunately when programming the settings for the first time it can be a bit tricky but you slowly get used to it.  Yes, it's expensive but why shouldn't your pet deserve the best?  After all, it makes your life easier too!



Best For Overnight: PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

For some pet owners, going away for over 24 hours can leave you with a heavy heart as it means leaving your purrfect pal in the hands of someone else.  With the PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder you can stay totally in control of your pet's food schedule straight from your smart phone.  Firstly, we love that the hopper holds a large amount of food.  You can set up to 12 meals a day and also program into the feeder the size that each portion should be (between 1/8 of a cup to 4 cups).  There's a slow feed mode, a pause mode and a feed now button (which can be disabled if you're worried about your pet accidently putting pressure on it).  On the whole, our reviewers found it pretty easy to control from their phone, it's just import to remember to connect the feeder to WIFI before you leave.  From the app (which is available for both iOS and Android), you can access the feed now button, set the feeding schedule and more!  Our busy testers also commented that it was great that not only is the stainless-steel bowl is dishwasher friendly, but the hopper and bowl holder are too.  Unfortunately, the conveyor is suitable for hand wash only.  In addition, although there is a nice range of portion sizes, they could be more varied and versatile.  Like with the other PetSafe machine we reviewed, it's difficult to get to grips with at the beginning.  The set up is also trickier as you have to connect it to the router and download the app too.  On the whole it's definitely worth investing in if you're a frequent traveler.  We love the smart features and found it to be great value for money compared to other non-smart automatic feeders that we tested.    



Best For Dry Food: LUSMO Automatic Pet Feeder 

Our eye was immediately drawn to the LUSMO Automatic Feeder which is available in a choice of vibrant orange, pink and yellow.  It looks modern and the bright color ensures your pet will constantly be surrounded by good vibes even when you're not there! We liked it because you can store a large amount of food in the container so you don’t need to keep refilling.  In addition, it's portable so if you need to shut your pet away for any reason during feeding time you can easily, temporarily move the feeder to another place.  You can program up to three meals a day and you can separate the portions within each meal too, making them as small as 1/16th of a cup!  The majority of our testers loved how accurate the feeder was and how easy it is to change meal times if need be.  The LCD monitoring clock allows you to monitor the time and battery status so you can ensure you stay in control of your cat's routine easily. Owners with mischievous pets will also love the LUSMO Automatic Pet Feeder because the chute acts as a 'mischeif guard' that ensures your pet won't be able to get at the food when it's not feeding time.  Unfortunately it's not dishwasher friendly which could prove to be problematic for busy pet parents.  In addition, we would have liked to have seen a corded charger as opposed to just working with batteries as it would be much easier to simply unplug the feeder to safe energy.  Having said this, battery life is around 8 months which is still pretty impressive.  At $150 it comes with a pretty hefty price tag.  Although it looks high end, we found it to perform equally as well as other feeders we tested which is why it rated lower.  Having said this, for those on a higher budget that want something aesthetic, there is no doubt that this is for you.



Best for Wet Food: Wopet Automatic Pet Feeder

If you have spoiled your pet as much as I have then you'll be familiar with their fussy nature.  For those cats that prefer canned food then this budget-friendly feeder is for you.  It only requires one AA battery to operate and works via a simple timer, programmed to open the feeder when the pre-programmed time is reached.  We liked that it comes with an included ice pack that cools the food and keeps it fresh for up to 48 hours.  However, if you're going out of town, you'll still need to arrange a cat sitter to change the ice packs as spare ice packs are not included.  Reviewers also noted that there is no multiple feeding setting so if you need to set the program to feed more than once then you will have to buy another unit and attach it. In order to deactivate the feeder, you need to remove the batteries as there is no on off button which some found slightly irritating as it means that the battery runs down faster than it needs to.  One the whole we would recommend this feeder for owners of wet food fans who aren't looking for anything too complex.  What's more, we love that it comes in a choice of black, blue, orange or pink to add a pop of color to your living space!



The Bottom Line:

Our feline friends deserve nothing less than purrfection and an automated pet feeder ensures that they are receiving TLC even when you're not around to give it to them.  Before investing in an Automatic Pet Feeder, it's important to consider a number of factors.  How late do you work?  How often are you away overnight?  How many pets do you have in your household? And are you looking for something simple or more advance?  Whatever the case, we reviewed these feeders from a more general stance.  We decided that our overall favorite was the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder which keeps pesky paws away from the food outside of meal times and a slow feed mode that ensures you are totally in control. 

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