The Best Air Mattresses for a Good Night's Sleep: See our Top Air Mattress Recommendations! Updated October, 2020

Review of the best air mattress for every budget. An air mattress can be a good, affordable choice for putting up guests in your home. Air mattresses can also be a real space-saver since you can simply deflate them for storage between uses. If you choose to buy an air mattress and pick a good choice, an air mattress can last for years! How do you pick the best air mattress with so many options by different brands out there? Our team invested hours researching and analyzing the best air mattresses to help you choose the best one, based on your budget and needs.

Why Does Research Matter?

An air mattress serves a great purpose when having overnight guests or even if you've just moved and don't have your regular mattress yet. It can easily be stored when not in use so you don't have to worry about it taking up as much space as a standard guest bed. When choosing an air mattress, perhaps the most important aspect is comfort. You want to avoid air mattresses that deflate during the night. Some air mattresses make a vinyl-like noise with every movement, resulting in disturbed sleep. The best air mattresses should be easy to inflate, preferably with a built-in electric pump. Because there can be problems with long-term durability, a good warranty is important for feeling comfortable with where you invest your money.

What Makes Us Recommend the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress?

The Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress has a lot to offer. It comes with two integrated pumps. The first pump will automatically inflate and deflate the bed in under four minutes. The secondary pump actually monitors and silently maintains air pressure all night long to ensure it stays inflated! Amazing! You can set your desired firmness level to plush, medium, or firm, which users love. Once inflated to the proper level, the pump will turn itself off. The soft flocked top keep your sheets from slipping off in the night, as does the raised lip around the edge of the bed.


Why Do We Love the King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress?

The King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress offers a super comfortable night's sleep. Even though you probably won't be using this mattress regularly for the long-term, you'll be happy to know that it has even been endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association to help promote proper spinal alignment as well as a healthier night's sleep. The coils are air-filled, and that combined with the internal layering helps to keep your spine straight as you sleep. This air mattress also inflates incredibly quickly, in under three minutes! It comes with an internal pump and there is even a power cord storage built-in.


What Does the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Offer?

The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is a comfortable air mattress that inflates quickly. While SoundAsleep reports this Air Mattress can inflate in under four minutes, some users have noted being able to inflate it in half that amount of time! It has 40 internal air coils that add extra support and durability to keep your bed firm throughout the night. The flocked top is extra thick and waterproof for your comfort, preventing sheets from slipping off during sleep. The internal pump is quiet, and the deflation function flattens the mattress in just 4 minutes so you can easily fold and store it.


Why Should You Consider the Coleman SupportRest Plus Double High Airbed?

The Coleman SupportRest Plus Double High Airbed is a comfortable airbed that offers 18-inches of height, making getting into and out of bed easy. The raised edge at the head of the bed is designed specifically to help keep your pillows in place while you sleep. It comes with a 120V electric pump that gets it inflated quickly in just a few minutes. If you take this bed camping and don't have a power source, you'll want to bring a manual pump with you. Users noted that it was just as comfortable as more expensive air mattresses thanks to its soft, velvet-like plush top and its ability to retain air all night long.

Why Will You Have Sweet Dreams on the Intex Dura-Beam Series Elevated Comfort Airbed?

The Intex Dura-Beam Series Elevated Comfort Airbed fills up in just a few minutes with the included electric pump. The specially designed edge provides more sleeping stability and comfort. A couple can easily fit on this airbed and sleep comfortably through the night without it sinking and deflating.


Why Will You Want to take the Etekcity Camping Air Mattress on Your Next Camping Trip?

The Etekcity Camping Air Mattress is specially designed to suit your camping needs, unlike other air mattresses that won’t withstand the outdoors. The material makes it more durable against the ground and it comes with a rechargeable pump, so you can fill it easily with air but don’t need to rely on electricity.


Should You Get the Intex Raised Downy Airbed?

The Intex Raised Downy Airbed has a built-in electric pump that fully inflates your bed in just five minutes. It’s raised 22 inches off the floor so it won’t be a struggle to get into and out of bed. The queen-size airbed is big enough to comfortably fit a couple. The dual-chamber construction and flocked mattress top lend to your good night’s sleep!


Why Should You Consider the Intex Cozy Kidz Airbed?

The Intex Cozy Kidz Airbed is a must if you’re looking for an air mattress for sleepy children. This child-size air mattress is available in a variety of bright, inviting colors that kids will love. It features a soft flocked top and is waterproof, which is especially important when dealing with little kids. Each twin-size bed can support up to 200 pounds.


What Will You Appreciate About the Coleman Airbed Cot with Side Table?

The Coleman Airbed Cot with Side Table certainly is an upgrade to your standard air mattress! This airbed is available in two sizes: queen and twin. It can be used in your home for guests or you can take it with you camping. The air mattress comes with an included cot support frame with built-in side tables to hold your phone, eyeglasses, and more!


How Will the SoundAsleep CloudNine Air Mattress Benefit You?

The SoundAsleep CloudNine Air Mattress comes with a useful auto-off pump that you can set to inflate your mattress to one of three comfort levels. This airbed has a dual-pump system, where one pump initially inflates your bed and the other works throughout the night to continuously maintain the desired firmness and inflation level.


How to Choose an Air Mattress

An air mattress is something that can come in handy for a variety of reasons. While they aren’t durable enough to completely replace a real bed for years on end, they are useful to have in situations like hosting guests and even during moves. If you’ve packed up everything including your bed for a move, or you’ve arrived at your new home but have time before the moving truck arrives, an air mattress is going to be much more comfortable than sleeping on the hard floor. The trick is, of course, choosing the right air mattress. Some air mattresses simply offer better quality than others. There’s nothing worse than sleeping on an air mattress that completely deflates while you sleep, thus resulting in you waking up on the floor. This guide will ensure that you get an air mattress that meets your needs without sacrificing your sleep in a process of trial and error.

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When choosing an air mattress, you need to think about its intended use. There are certain air mattresses available that are intended for camping and outdoor use, whereas others are specifically dedicated for indoors-only. Still, there are also some air mattresses that are more versatile and can be used for both. Typically, those airbeds that can be used outside are more rugged and durable, may be lighter in weight for backpackers, and don’t require an electric pump for inflation.


Most likely, you’re going to want to use a pump to inflate your air mattress, unless you enjoy the feel of burning lungs. Pumps are simply faster and easier to use than blowing up your mattress the old-fashioned way. Some pumps require electricity, which of course would make using it impossible if there were a power outage or if you were using the air mattress outside. There are also fully manual pumps, battery-operated pumps, and rechargeable pumps. Make sure you choose an air mattress with a pump that suits your needs.

Some air mattresses come with an integrated pump built right into the bed, whereas others require that you buy a pump separately. There are pumps that come with assorted nozzle attachments so that you can use the pump to inflate other products such as bicycle tires or floating rafts as well. Pumps that can do double duty by deflating your air mattress after use also comes in handy and reduces time and energy when you’re ready to pack it up and put it away. Look into how much time it takes to blow up the air bed. Finally, consider how noisy the pump is to operate.


Airbeds are available in a few different sizes, just like regular beds. You may just want a twin size air mattress, but most people prefer to get a larger size such as a queen in order to accommodate more people. In addition to considering how many sleepers the air mattress can fit, you should also think about the height of the air mattress. An air mattress with a greater height is easier to get into and out of than an air mattress that is lower to the floor. If you are looking into getting an air mattress for a child, you may prefer a lower air mattress so that they are less likely to fall out and injure themselves.

Weight Capacity

Different air mattresses offer different maximum weight capacities. While some may only support 200 pounds, others can support 600 pounds. Choose an air mattress that will meet your needs in terms of maximum weight support.

Ability to Maintain Inflation

As mentioned before, one of the worst possibilities with sleeping on an air mattress is that they can potentially deflate while in use. You don’t want you or your guests getting up throughout the night to reinflate the air mattress due to a slow air leak. Maintaining the desired inflation level is crucial for a good night’s sleep.


A flocked top air mattress not only feels softer than an air mattress made entirely of PVC, but it also can help hold your bed sheets in place. Vinyl is slippier, and also can result in annoying noises with every shift of the body. Air mattresses that include waterproof protection are a good choice if you are sleeping outdoors or worried about spills or accidents.

Durability and Warranty

You want your air mattress to be durable enough to be used for more than one night. It should not rip or tear easily, pumps should continue to work, and it should be able to maintain its shape over time. A warranty is always good for helping to set your mind at ease, particularly with more expensive air mattresses.

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Bottom Line

When choosing an air mattress, consider what size you need (twin, full, queen, king) and how much weight you need it to hold. Air mattresses aren't designed to replace regular mattresses for long-term, but they are a great option for overnight guests or even when you're in the process of moving. Make sure you read your air mattresses warranty since some are void if you use the mattress while camping outdoors, for instance. Comfort and the ability to stay firm overnight without deflating are non-negotiable factors for happy guests and a good night's sleep, which is why our research led us to these top four models above. Sweet dreams!

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