Top Best Air Conditioners on the Market! See Our Best AC Picks! Updated October, 2020

Review of the very best air conditioners on the market. Which air conditioner is right for you based on your budget and needs. See the best AC picks from top brands with the best pricing!

Why Does Research Matter?

The right air conditioner will have enough power to keep your room at a comfortable temperature. If you purchase a cheap AC, it may not have enough power to keep you cool in the summer. It should be quiet enough for you to be able to watch television and sleep without disturbance. It should also be easy to control, and simple installation is also a plus. We researched the cooling power, quietness, energy efficiency, price, and more in order to save you time and money. Read on for more information!

What Do We Love About the Frigidaire Built-In Room Air Conditioner?

The Frigidaire Built-In Room Air Conditioner offers great cooling power so you won't spend your summer melting in the heat! For cooling mode, you can adjust the temperature anywhere between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. There are three different fan speeds for users to choose from. A programmable 24-hour timer means that you can preset your AC to turn on or off. This unit also features an energy saver mode, which you can select for it to self-regulate, turning on and off at different intervals to keep the room at a set temperature without running up your electricity bill.



Why Do We Recommend the Frigidaire Gallery Quiet Temp Room Air Conditioner?

The Frigidaire Gallery Quiet Temp Room Air Conditioner effectively cools rooms yet is quiet enough not to disturb sleep. It has a modern-appearing design that won't be an eyesore in your home. The Energy Saver Mode results in this AC working similar to central air, with it turning on and off at different times to keep the room at a consistent temperature without constant running. It also has a programmable 24-hour timer to you can schedule exactly when you want your AC to turn on and off. Users found it easy to install with the window installation kit. This unit comes with a 1-year full warranty.


Why Did We Choose the LG 8000 BTU Window Air Conditioner?

The LG 8000 BTU Window Air Conditioner does a good job of keeping rooms of up to 340 square feet cool. It features three fan speeds to choose from. In Energy Saver mode, the fan will stop once the room is cool, and every three minutes it will turn on to check the room temperature again and resume cooling if necessary. There are also Cool, Fan, and Dry modes. The dry mode simply words to remove the humidity from the room. You can also adjust air direction with this unit horizontally or vertically to direct cool air where you need it the most.


What Makes the GE Built-In Room Air Conditioner a Great Choice?

The GE Built-In Room Air Conditioner is a good, energy-efficient choice for those who prefer a wall AC unit over a window AC unit. It is a 10,200 BTU unit, meaning it can cool a larger area than our window unit choices. Choose between three fan speeds. A delay-start function allows you to schedule when the AC will turn on in the next 24 hours. The temperature can be set to anywhere within the range of 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Four-way louvres allow you to adjust the direction of the louvers.   


Bottom Line

The best way to keep cool in the hot summer months is with a good quality air conditioner. You may actually want to purchase more than one for different rooms of your home. Think about whether you want a wall unit or window unit before making your purchase, as well as the size of the room that you want to cool. You most certainly do not want to waste your money in an attempt to save a few bucks and wind up with a poor-performing AC. Whichever of our top picks that you choose, you'll stay cool as a cucumber during the dog days of summer.




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