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Best Above Ground Pools and Best Rubber Pools for your Budget

The Best Above Ground Pools for Summer

Summer is coming and depending on what area of the country you're in, you could be facing triple digit temperatures. Sure, you could plan to spend every moment of summer inside an air-conditioned building, but who doesn’t love a little fun in the sun? That's why we recommend getting an above ground pool! An inground pool costs more and is more work to maintain than an above ground pool. In addition to having a refreshing place to cool off after work and on the weekends, you can also find yourself the center of the social scene. Everyone will want to come to your place to enjoy some pool time and maybe a summer barbecue. Instead of your kids wanting to rush off to the mall on weekends, revel in quality family time in your own backyard.

When choosing an above ground pool, of course the size of your yard needs to be taken into consideration. Consider whether you want a pool to just relax in with a cold drink or one that you can swim laps in. You need to make sure that you have a clear, level space to install the pool that is free of any overhead power lines yet close enough to a power source to run the pump. While many people successfully set up their pools on their own, you may want to employ an expert to come install yours for peace of mind. Also think about how deep you want your pool to be. A family with children may want a shallower pool, though of course, children should be supervised at all times around the pool for safety reasons. Some above ground pools come with their own filters and some require you to purchase a filter separately. There are different types of liners and frames available for above ground pools. Steel is a commonly used frame material as it is heavy and inexpensive. Keep in mind whether you'll need to buy a ladder to get into your pool. Finally, above ground pool prices can vary widely, so think about what your budget is going to be.


Our Top Choice: Intex Easy Set Pool Set 

Intex Easy Set Pool conveniently comes with a filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, and pool cover. It is available in several different sizes: 12 feet by 30 inches (only comes with filter pump in this size), 15 feet by 42 inches, 15 feet by 48 inches, and 18 feet by 48 inches. The three larger sizes feature a ground fault interrupter which shuts off the pump automatically if an electrical current is exposed to water. This round pool has an easy set up. First, of course, make sure that it is on level ground. One thing to note is that the pool does not stand up on its own. Rather, as you fill it with water, the inflatable ring at the top rises, thus resulting in an upright pool. Each comes with a 110-120V Krystal clear cartridge filter pump. The sidewalls are made out of laminated PVC. The drain plug can connect to a garden hose so at the end of the season, you can drain water towards a convenient location.


Great for Kids: Bestway Deluxe Splash Frame Kids Swimming Pool

This Bestway Deluxe Splash pool has a low height, making it a good choice for families with smaller children. This pool measures 118 inches by 79 inches by 26 inches and has an 871 gallon water capacity. A reinforced rope circles the liner to help ensure that the legs stay in place. The built-in flow control drain valve allows you to drain your pool with a garden hose. Keep in mind this pool does not come with a filter, so you should buy that separately. A cover is also a good idea to keep your pool clean when not in use. There is no ladder, but this pool is a short height so many kids should be able to get in on their own, otherwise you could use a stepstool.  Bestway offers a 90-day limited warranty on their products.



Good for Laps: Intex 32 ft x 16 ft x 52 In Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set 

Intex offers an Ultra Frame pool in several sizes and shapes; however, if you want the biggest one for swimming laps, go with the 32 feet by 16 feet by 52 inches rectangular pool. The Krystal clear sand filter pump can filter 2,800 gallons per hour. The sand filter pump has a timer with pre-set cycles ranging from 2 to 12 hours. Dual suction outlet fittings are intended to improve water circulation in this pool. The ladder is made out of corrosion-resistant steel and has slip-resistant steps. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. Estimated assembly time for this pool is 60 to 90 minutes. This is not a pool that you want to assemble on your own so gather some extra hands to help. Intex includes a set-up and maintenance instructional DVD when you purchase this pool. Intex offers a 90-day limited warranty on this product.



Bottom Line

An above ground pool can be a great addition to any backyard during the hot summer months. It costs less than installing an inground pool and tends to be easier to maintain. The biggest consideration to decide upon is size. You will need a clear, level place to install your pool, and it should be free from hazards such as overhead power lines yet still close enough to an electrical source to run a pump. Think also about how deep you want the pool to be, whether you want to be able to swim laps, or if you just want to chill in your pool at the end of a long day with a drink in hand. Price, durability, and warranty should also be factored into your choice, and most people prefer pools that are easy to set up. In conducting our review, we found the Intex Easy Set the best pool for most people. It is available in multiple sizes and reviewers love how easy it is to set up. The Bestway Deluxe Splash is our runner up choice thanks to its budget-friendly price, easy setup, and the fact that it's also a good size for kids. Finally, if you want to swim laps or just fit more people, the Intex Ultra Frame pool available in 32 feet by 16 feet by 52 inches is a great choice for you.  



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