Awesome Hoverboard Moments

Hoverboards are the latest transportation craze that is taking the world by storm and this awesome video that combines acrobatics and dance will make you want to have one.

Every couple of years someone comes up with a new means for getting around that takes the world by storm and makes everyone want it. From the sageway craze trough the electric scooter and of course – the electric bike, it seems that there are increasingly awesome inventions that help us glide around from place to place. The latest craze that is definitely here to stay is the hoverboard that practically makes you fly around by standing on it and balancing yourself.

like many other inventions, the hoverboard isn't only used for it's intentional purpose, but also to do some awesome tricks that might seem tempting, but you should leave them to the pros… the amazing group of girls in this video combined dancing, acrobatics and Justin Bieber into one awesome compilation of hoverboard moment that will make you go "wait, what…?". It's amazing the to watch the girls in action, and while most of you won't be able to do the tricks they do, that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the best hoverboards out there that will help you glide around and have fun.

Source: YouTube/The Acrobats